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Top 5 Show Day Tips For Your NPC Bikini Competition

March 12, 2017

Christi Lynn shares her top 5 tips and tricks for surviving show day, whether you are a veteran or a first time bikini competitor.

Hi guys, it’s Kirsty. Welcome back to my channel. Angel Competition Bikinis has reached out to me and asked me if I would write an article for them stating my 5 favorite tips for surviving show day.

Whether you are a new competitor or you’re a veteran, these 5 tips will help you have a more smooth show day.

So you did it, you've almost completed your prep and it's show day. You've had weeks and months of hard work and dedication and show day is finally here.

Tip number 5 is to ‘watch the time’. You have a lot of appointments that go into show day and the day before. You might have tanning appointments, check-ins at the hotel, etc.

On show day, you might have another tanning session, hair and makeup, athletes meeting etc. I recommend you to be on time or early. I have heard horror stories of girls being late and that pushes their whole schedule back for that day.

Don't be that girl who doesn't get to finish their hair and makeup or is tripping, trying to get their shoes on and then running out and they don't have their heel strap on or worse you miss your class.

You put too much time and effort to not be able to go on stage with those girls and compete.

So please please watch the time and do not be late. Having a few extra moments to yourself to collect your thoughts, to practice your posing will help give you a little bit more a sense of calmness when you go on stage.

You want to get a chance to really rock it on stage, you don't want to just be thrown and pushed up on stage. You want to have time to just compose your thoughts, gather your confidence and be able to rock it out on stage.

Tip number 4 is if you don't know something ask someone.

Asking questions may sound super silly but there is definitely nothing wrong with asking someone if you have any questions.

You don't want to go up on stage and be unsure about the back pose that you are supposed to do.

Or, when you go out on stage and you realize that you weren't allowed to spread your feet, you had to keep your feet cross and you didn't know that because you didn't ask.

So when in doubt make sure to ask someone the questions plus it might be a good way to meet some friends and break the ice.

It can be intimidating to go backstage and not know anyone. It is more than likely that you guys have a lot in common and asking questions might be a way to break the ice.

I've bonded with girls over talking about asparagus during peak week, so you never know what you might bond over. You might create some lasting memories backstage.

You may have all the information you need and you're feeling ready to rock the stage but you may have forgotten lipstick, rice cakes or peanut butter... just ask someone if you can borrow their lipsticks or if you can have one of their rice cakes. I have definitely forgotten rice cakes before.

Tip number 3 is to ‘prepare’. A lot of things can go wrong on show day and you want to make sure that you have everything covered just in case of an emergency.

In my previous video, I have talked about the checklist of all the things you should have in your suitcase.

It's an overview of everything that you should have in your show day bag. You probably won't need everything that you have on this show day checklist but it's just better to have it on you just in case there are any mishaps.

You might be that person who has a large duffel bag or a suitcase but I guarantee that either you or someone else is going to need something in that suitcase. You can be their best friend and save the day.

Some simple things to have include an extra suit, maybe extra heels, fabric glue, safety pins, extra mascara, things of that nature and again just prepare for the idea that something might happen.

So if something does go wrong, it won't be the end of the world. You would have already prepared yourself and you know that you have your emergency kit to fix anything that might happen.

Tip number 2 is easier said than done but it's just having a ‘positive attitude’. It has a lot to do with your expectations going into the show.

Of course everyone wants to win but only one girl does, so if you go into a show having this mindset that if I don't win first place then the rest of my day is ruined, that attitude will make show day not that fun for you.

What if you get second call-outs again, this is something that I've had a lot of experience on. I went into a show and I had very high expectations for myself, that's not to say that it’s a bad thing to think highly of yourself or to have confidence but it ruined a show for me.

I did very well my first two shows so I went into my third show expecting to place pretty high but I didn't.

It was really hard for me to accept and I had to accept that on stage, you could see it in my face. My face dropped and my fiance at the time said that he could physically see the change on my face as I was comprehending that I didn't get first call-outs.

This isn't to say that you should go into a show expecting that you're going to lose. If you go into a show and go out on stage knowing you've given it your 100% and that you’ve brought your best package out on stage, knowing that and having that confidence will make you feel much better.

Tip number 1 is to ‘relax’. You have worked so hard for all these weeks and months so go out there and have fun.

The judges can tell if you're not having fun or if you're nervous or you don't want to be up on that stage. So go out there, have fun, smile and show off all your hard work.

Stress can actually have a negative impact on your physique, you want to try to stay as calm as possible.

This ties in all the tips together: If you're watching your time, if you're prepared and you're asking questions, all of this is going to help you relax which is the best thing that you can do overall for show day.

Maybe you aren't feeling super confident or relaxed but just fake it, fake that confidence. Pretend you're Beyonce when you go out on stage, rock the stage, smile and show your personality to the judges. Show the judges that you deserve to be up there and all eyes should be on you.

I hope you enjoyed my five tips for surviving show day, stay tuned because I'm going to be doing a video on how to pick your competition suits.

If you've ever been curious or have had some questions on how to pick your first competition suit, make sure you subscribe to my channel.

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