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Coach Kim Oddo's Stage Jewelry Tips For Bikini Competitors

August 23, 2019

Coach Kim Oddo's explains some of the Do's and Do Not's of competition jewelry for bikini competitors, including 'how to match your jewelry with your suit' and 'how to avoid distracting the judges'.

Our topic for today is Jewelry, as it is part of your overall package and we want that package that we bring to the stage to be stunning and beautiful.

There is such a thing as going over the top, so you want to be careful.

You want your jewelry to accentuate the suit, the two have to go together. You don't want the jewelry clashing with the suit.

Skylar (IFBB Bikini Pro) has chosen a bracelet with blue gems in it so when you look at it, the jewels of the wristband tie together with the blue jewels of the suit. It's not too overly done.

Sometimes your wristband is very wide and you're standing directly under intense bright light which will reflect the Jewelry and takes the eyes off of your body and puts it onto the jewelry.They're judging your body and they're not judging your jewelry so that could be a problem.

You want the jewelry to accentuate and to bring a certain amount of femininity to your physique, a little bit of pizzazz and a pop but you don't want to go over so much that it becomes distracting.

Regarding your earrings, if you have longer hair, the longer earrings are fine because the hair does tend to hide a lot of it. Again I don't want to go too much on earrings, I don't like the dangles that come all the way down to where it almost touches the shoulders because then when you start to swing or pose, the earrings can get stuck in your hair and cause a distraction.

Then instead of thinking about your posing, you're thinking about your earrings and your hair. You'll try to move your head to get out which will spoil your poses.

Therefore, make sure you pick jewelry that is flattering but not too over-the-top, just enough so it looks elegant on stage.

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