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How Much Does Competing Cost? (Bikini Competition Q&A)

April 16, 2015

Heather Blackmon covers 2 questions in this video: Do you really need a coach to prepare for competition? and How much does it cost to compete in a bikini competition?

Hey guys, it's Heather from FITaspire and I’m back with another video answering your questions on bikini competitions. 

This week's question comes from Amy and it’s actually two questions, so we'll start with the first one. She was asking around for a coach and if you really need a coach to train for a bikini competition.

I'm going to answer this with a “Yes”. If this is your first competition, I would highly recommend that you have a very well qualified trainer who is very experienced in training athletes specifically for what you're competing in. So whether that is Bikini or Figure or Fitness or whatever division that you've decided on, I would recommend that you have a coach for that.

There's a couple of reasons that I would say this because there are a lot of people who don't do their prep in the healthiest way. So, my perspective is this should be like any other sport and there's a healthy way to do it. It should not be extreme dieting. You should not be eating zero carbs, you should not be doing things that are going to hurt your body.

This should be a way for you to get your body into peak shape and kind of enjoy that part of it. But you want it to be a healthy process and I think that is a very tricky thing to do on your own if this isn't something that you're experienced in.

There are also a lot of really weird things that happen right towards the end of the prep to really help you get in that perfect condition. I try to explain to people that the way you look on show day is different than even the day before or the day after and it's all around making sure that you're kind of ready for looking your best on stage. So, for that reason I would highly recommend anyone to have a coach.

The second part of her question was about the overall costs for competitions. I'm going to say that this is not a cheap sport. Somehow I always pick expensive sports and for those of you who are coming from the endurance side it’s not a cheap sport. This is probably around that area.

I wrote a little checklist, I know you guys can't see this but just to give you a little bit of a breakdown.

Not counting any of the nutrition or training just the sheer cost of what you need to compete are: the license depending on which Federation NPC, WBFF that you have chosen to compete in.  You're going to have to buy a yearly license, which ranges from about US $100 - $120.

Then we've got the registration fee which you actually pay by the division that you want to compete in. This year I'm in the 35 and up division for the first time so i will probably end up buying two registrations one for the 35 and up and another one for the Open division and that will run at $100 to $200 depending on your show. 

Next would be shoes. You have seen those crazy high shoes and the specifications will again depend on your Division or your Federation. Shoes on the cheap end are about $40.

For jewelry you're going to get some really really blingy costume jewelry and you can do that on the lower end for about $40. I think that's what I've spent on mine and I've used that for a couple of shows.

Bikinis, you guys have seen the bikinis it's not just what you get off the shelf anywhere. They're very specifically made, particularly the bottoms that's why your butt looks so great, these bottoms  have a scrunch at the back and it's pulled together right up the center of your butt to get a great shape.

There's also a level of bling/crystals that you add, depending on your Federation you're in. For WBFF you are going to make it completely blinged out with lots of stones on it, to really make it shine onstage but for NPC maybe not so much.

The bikinis are typically in the range of $150 and up. I've heard some pretty crazy prices that girls have paid for bikinis. If you're in WBFF you're probably going to have a dress or theme wear if you're competing in Bikini or Fitness. My dress including alterations for last year was actually on the lower end and that was around $200.

Then you have tanning for the day of the show, that’s usually another $100 and make up for about another $100. So all in all, this is really just getting you ready to go on show day. The range is from about $630 to $950, so it’s not a cheap sport.

I know that for “Ford Ironman Championships” for example you're gonna be paying anywhere from $600 to $800 for registration and that doesn't include your bike and all of your other gear. Bikini competition is a little bit cheaper than that, which is good!

I do think it's important to know what you're getting yourself into and making sure that this fits in your budget because again I think this should be part of a healthy lifestyle and making this something that you enjoy. It should be fun so knowing how much you're going to need to budget aside for this makes it a little bit easier.

I hope this helps and hope you guys are enjoying these questions. Thank you!

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