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Bikini Competition Hair & Makeup On Show Day! Tips and Tricks!

June 29, 2017

Video tutorial full of tips and tricks if youre doing your own hair and makeup on show day, including how to choose your foundation, eye makeup, contouring and highlighting, and what is the perfect lip color.

“Welcome to my channel, let's jump right into this tutorial. I'm super tired, it’s 4:30 in the morning and I'm up doing my hair and makeup for this long day.

Let's start with my hair… first I'm adding some hairspray. I then added volumizing powder to lift my roots up and I'm focusing more towards the crown of my head. Using a little bobby pin to part it right down the middle because that's how I am going to end up styling and curling my hair.

Before we curl I'm just going to tease it up a little bit. I'm sectioning it to allow the powder to volumize my roots. I love big hair and I think for show day you got to have big, pretty, voluminous hair and that is exactly what we're going for.

Let's start with the curling. I'm going to start from the bottom and work my way up, that's the way I parted it. I am using a 32 curling wand by ‘Nume’. I love these wands, they're super quick to heat up and they work really really well. They give a nice curl look to my hair.

I do have problems curling my hair since it's straight as a board. As you can see I curled it, let it loose into my hand and then using a bobby pin to clip it together and letting them cool that way. I’m repeating the same steps again until I get through my whole head.

I do want to mention that in this video, I don’t show you guys how I ended up taking the pins out of my hair.

I actually left my hair up in these curls until I got to the convention center because I wanted the curls to last long since I knew that it was going to be a long day.

As many of you do know that if you are doing a bikini competition, you have two shows, one in the morning and one in the evening. As such, I needed to make sure that my hair was going to stay curled till the evening show.

That's why I left my curls in until I got there and I took them out right before I walked out on stage. I’m now done curling my whole head and topping it off with hairspray.

For my makeup, I am color matching myself to my tan. I went with the ‘Maybelline FitMe’ matte formula.

You do want to use a matte formula when going on stage because it helps with the lighting, as there are super bright lights on stage and this will give your make up a pop.

A good tip for you guys to know is that foundation is key. I did some swatches and I went with coconut shade.

I started with putting on some primer. I'm putting extra primer on just so I can be sure that my makeup is going to last. Moving on to my eyebrows, just brushing my eyebrows and lining them. I'm doing my everyday, normal brow routine here.

Now I’m working on my eyes, taking a transition shade and applying that in my transition area. I'm slowly building that up into a warmer shade. I'm going for a smokey eye look and the key to that is just to make sure that you are building it up slowly instead of just throwing dark brown or black shadows straight on there.

Then on my eyelid, I am cleaning it up with some concealer and adding a white matte shadow. I added the white shadow to the inner part of my eyelid and I'm going to smoke out the outer part of my eyelid.

To smoke out the outer area, I go in with a more of a medium brownish color. Then I start building it up to dark brown and then I go in with a matte black shade. All the colors I've used so far are all mattes.

I do a little bit of shimmer on my brow bone which you guys will see later. I go very minimal on these shimmer shades and minimal on highlighting because I know it's not flattering under bright light. So that's another good tip to keep in mind.

I am slowly building up that outer crease and keeping this smoky look alive. I do recommend a lot of blending when it comes to smoky eyes.

I'm now blending out the lower lash line by using a matte black shade and then I'm going to blend below that with more of a medium brown shade.

For stage makeup, you want something that looks a little bit more dramatic. There are a lot of stage lights and you don't want to look washed out so, you want to make sure that you do have the makeup that matches the body as well as well as your suit.

I'm using the eye liner to make a wing on the outer corner of my eyelids for a slightly dramatic look.

Moving on to the foundation, I'm color correcting using a salmon shade to conceal all the dark circles and then concealing the whole face to make sure it match my tan later on.

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