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Vegan Recipe: High Protein Vegan French Toast

April 04, 2019

Natalie Matthews cooks up a high protein storm with this yummy vegan french toast... the perfect treat to supplement your vegan bikini comp prep diet.

"Hey guys my name is Natalie Matthews I am an IFBB bikini pro, a vegan chef and a loved body athlete. Today I will show you how to make a high-protein french toast recipe. Its super simple and easy to make with only four ingredients.

First thing you need to do is start heating your pan over medium heat. This is a super simple recipe and it's one of my favorites for breakfast... very delicious!

I am using the Liv Body vanilla type protein and this protein cooks amazing. I love using Liv Body proteins on my baked goods, for pancakes, things like that.

Today we're making french toast. I am using a low carb bread and I found this one at the store. This one is Alpine Valley and it's only 13 grams of carbohydrates per slice so that's pretty good. You can use whatever little carb bread that you want.

We're going to put all of the ingredients in this dish. So here I have soy milk, I love soy milk because it has extra protein but you can choose whatever milk, plant-based milk you like. I'm going to add some cinnamon and I love cinnamon so I'm going to be pretty generous but you can add as little or as much as you want.

Next, vanilla extract, one scoop of Liv Body protein and our secret ingredient which is flax meal. This is just grind up flax seeds and I grind them up in a coffee grinder but you can grind them up in your high-speed blender if you have one or you can buy this already ground up, but I just like to grind mine up and this will act as the binder and basically the egg in this recipe.

We're gonna whisk it all up. This smells so good I wish you could smell it. It's gonna immediately start thickening up because of the flax meal, so we want to act a little bit quick so we're just gonna mix that up and you can see how easy it is. I'm only doing two toasts but you can easily thin this out a little bit more and make three toasts. This is the consistency that I want. It's a little bit thicker but it will cook up nicely. So we're gonna put our toast in there.

Sometimes I like just prepping this the night before and letting it set in the refrigerator overnight so it soaks up everything nicely but you can easily just do it like this. It's just personal preference really.

I want to make sure I use all the batter. I'm just going to pour the rest of the batter over the top. All these need is just three minutes on each side and that's it. You can see they are all ready to be eaten! They're so pretty and they smell amazing. Look at how thick they are. I'm so excited to try these, they're just perfection, and they took less than 10 minutes to make.

Let me know in the comment section if you're excited to try these. Let me know if you try them or what recipes you want to see next. Check that out... no eggs needed, but still so fluffy. You need to try these... high-protein. I highly recommend these, you're going to love them!  See you next time!"

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