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Lauren Simpson's Bikini Competition Supplement Stack

February 21, 2018

In this video Lauren Simpson discusses her supplement stack, why she takes them and how she takes them. The video covers Protein Powder, BCAAs, Fat Burners, Pre Workout & General Health & Wellbeing supplements.

Hey guys, welcome back to my youtube channel. Today's video is going to be all about bikini competition supplements. I'm going to go through what I take, why I take them, when I take them and how I take them.

I wanted to start off by pointing out the fact that supplements are not compulsory. You do not have to take them in order to get results but what they can do is help you and really help get that extra edge that you might need in terms of your performance.

It will help in terms of your body composition and your overall results. Supplements are not quick fixes, they are not magic pills, they are not just going to work alone.

If you are taking fat burners and you are absolutely eating terribly and not training then you're not going to get results. They're not going to be effective, in order for supplements to work you need to be using them in conjunction with a good diet and a good training program, it's as simple as that.

They are called supplements for a reason and they are there to supplement these other protocols that I mentioned.

I'm going to go through the different types of supplements I take and I wanted to point out that just because I take these, it doesn't mean that you have to take these. It doesn't mean that every other girl is taking these supplements.

This is just what I have found works for me and this video is just to really simplify things for you. It's not going to be too in-depth. I just want to give you the information that you need and help you make those decisions when it comes to your supplements.

The first supplement I wanted to talk to you about is protein. This is an essential supplement for me and is something that I take pretty much every single day.

I wanted to start out by saying that protein can be derived from other sources and you should aim to get a majority of your protein from food sources. These sources can be things like your chicken, fish, beef, eggs and nuts.

When you're trying to hit your protein macros, look to food sources and you can also look to supplement this through something like a protein powder.

Why is protein essential? Protein really helps with your muscles and your body's ability to repair and regrow these muscles. When we go to the gym and build muscles, it is our main goal to really break down and tear the muscle fibers so that they can recover, they can rebuild and that's how muscle is actually grown.

By having good protein it will provide your body with a fast-acting source and that can really kick start the muscle recovery process.

For that reason I like to have protein powder post-workout and I have it within 30 minutes of my training session. I'll pack it with me and take it to the gym, when I have it I'll just mix one scoop with some water.

I don't like to have it with milk or anything like that. I find that a good quality protein powder will taste fine just with water and also think that when you're adding things like milk it's going to be adding extra calories.

Another way that you can use protein powder aside from having it as a shake is to add it to oats, it’s delicious. I like to have a pre-workout meal which is often protein- oats, basically just pop in one scoop of your protein powder after you have cooked your oats and stir it up and it tastes amazing.

The protein powder that I like to use is from ‘EHPLABS’ and it is called ‘IsoPept Zero’. This is a WPI and it is good to have it post-workout because it is very fast absorbing. My favorite flavor is choc peanut butter, you honestly cannot go wrong.

This ‘EHPLABS’ also has Oxywhey which is a perfect protein as well. This one has got a couple of different ingredients in it. Oxywhey we can also be used effectively with your oats. If you want just post-workout, this one has some faster-acting, absorbing ingredients.

Another protein I have been trying lately is ‘Blessed protein’. It is a new one on the market, it's also under ‘EHPLABS’ but this is from their new vegan range.

This one is chopped coconut, it tastes amazing but if you're a little bit sensitive or have a bit of an intolerance to lactose then some of the Whey might seem a bit funny in your belly.

This is the case for me so I've been having this and it has actually been really good on my digestion. If you are having some trouble with your gut, if you have digestive issues investing in a good vegan protein is beneficial.

This one is a pea protein and you're still getting 25 grams of protein per serve. If you're a vegan, you might struggle to hit your protein macro, that's where having a good quality protein will definitely come in handy.

If you are vegan and you are struggling I would recommend having up to two shakes a day or two serves of your protein per day.

The next supplement I wanted to talk to you about be BCAA’s, this stands for branched chain amino acids. BCAA’s are really the building blocks for protein within your body, it is through these it will help to spare muscle glycogen and really aid with preventing muscle breakdown.

Branched chain amino acids are really to help and aid your performance, it will assist in preventing muscle breakdown while you're training, they will keep you hydrated and also it really kick-starts that muscle recovery process.

I have BCAAs usually during my session and I'll just have one serve of these and just sip it throughout the session.

You can have these during the day or in between your meals to help further with the protein synthesis. I like to have them especially when I am dieting because they really help my sweet tooth.

These are the BCAAs that i use, it’s from ‘EHPLABS’ called Beyond BCAAS in mango flavor which is really good. A lot of their flavors are really good.

Again I like to have one scoop while I train, sip on that and potentially another scoop later on in the day.

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