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Essential Supplements for Bikini Competition

May 23, 2018

DesBFIT runs through all the essential supplements bikini competitors take, including: Whey Protein, BCAAs, Creatine, Glutamine, Vitamins, Glucosamine and more. Suitable for figure and physique competitors too.

Welcome back to my channel if you don't know who I am, my name is Des. I go by Des B.

In today's video I'm coming at you guys with a highly requested supplement protocol, where I’ll run through the supplements that I take and why I take them.

This is something that a lot of people get confused about because supplements in the fitness industry are looked at as needed and required when actually they are just as their name suggests… supplements.

They’re something you can definitely add to your diet in your regimen to help you but they are not always necessary. So let's get into today's video where I talk to you about the supplements I take and why.

In the video I will add a picture of the supplement that I am recommending.

The first supplement I'm going to take a stab at and talk to you about is protein. This is normal for anyone to take it, it does not have to be used in a cut or a bulk or a maintenance phase.

This can be used whenever and everyone can take it whether you're male or female and at any age.

Protein supplements are a great way to hit your protein goals easily as well as protein powder being the easiest and fastest digesting. For anyone that is using a post-workout shake this is going to be the fastest and easiest way to get that into the bloodstream versus eating your food.

Protein supplements aren't necessary but they are really great for people that are on the go and need protein and also have troubles hitting their protein goals.

I like to do protein in the form of baking with it. I like to do protein ice cream or adding it within my protein pancakes.

However, if I ever need a post-workout protein shake as well, I always use that. Some different flavors that I use are PE Science Peanut butter cup,’s Signature Protein in chocolate and birthday cake.

The next supplement I take are BCAAs. BCAAs are branched chain amino acids and they are made up of leucine isoleucine and valine.

BCAAs are naturally found in foods high in protein because again they are amino acids which are branched from proteins.

These are really great to increase performance as well as mental energy, physical energy and help maintain lean muscle mass which is why that is a great supplement to take on rest days as well as during intro workout just to maintain muscle mass and improve energy.

I like to use ‘Alani Nu’- Katy Hearn’s new nutrition line in ‘Sour Peach Rings’ as well as BCAAs from signature line in blue raspberry or in fruit punch. It doesn't really matter where you get them from but I would always suggest to make sure that they are not filled with filler ingredients.

The next supplement I take is Glutamine. This is an epigenetic amino acid found in protein.

Glutamine really helps support muscle growth, gut health and reduced Catabolism. Catabolism is reducing the breakdown of muscle.

Glutamine has the ability to resynthesize glycogen and glutamine levels that are lost during the workout so this is really great. It can improve the ability to make lean muscle gains and good to take during inter workout or post-workout.

Glutamine is not studied as much as creatine but glutamine is also very easy to take. You can always find this on ‘’ website. We actually have a glutamine powder in the signature line which you can use code DBFT to get 10% off. I will put that in the description box below.

The next supplement to take is kind of branching off of glutamine and that is going to be Creatine. These are all that I put in my intra and post-workout, kind of stack or cocktails so to speak.

I like to do my protein, glutamine and my creatine together. Creatine is one of the most studied supplements in the fitness industry. This is just because it can be used by anyone and can really have an increase in your performance.

Creatine is really known to increase high intensity performance in activities such as weight lifting, Olympic lifting, powerlifting and any sports that are high speed, high-volume, very fast paced sports.

Basically what this is going to do for you is essentially make you lift heavier and be able to lift longer.

The most generalized supplement of creatine is creatine monohydrate. You can again find that on ‘’ website. I typically get all creatine and glutamine unflavored and then I put them into my flavored protein or BCA mix.

Creatine is also a cell volumizer so it'll actually make your muscles fuller. The general thought process behind creatine is that it makes you retain water when really it’s just volumizing the cells and filling your muscles with water. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that you're gaining weight.

This is a really great opportunity to take creatine post-workout, make it a habit and it will definitely help you increase your muscle gains.

These are really the only supplements I use in the gym. The only other supplements I take are going to be in the morning and these include my greens drink as well as my vitamins. These are the keys to overall wellness and not just in the gym performance.

The first thing I take every morning is Vitamin K2, Vitamin D3, a probiotic as well as a greens drink. I also include glucosamine and chondroitin and fish oil.

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