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Supplements I Take To Get Lean | Bikini Competitor Secrets

April 22, 2019

Britt Shaheen explains what vitamins and supplements she's taking during her bikini comp prep to maximize energy levels and results.

Welcome back to my channel. I have a bit of a different video for you all today. As you know I am now three weeks out from my competition.

I'm competing in a bikini competition called ‘Body Power’ on May 11th here in the UK. I have been prepping for nine entire weeks. I'm officially 20 days out as of today which is absolutely crazy.

Brandon and I were saying today how fast the time has gone and we're just counting down the days till summer. We can't wait to be back, so excuse me if I seem a little down in this video because I am tired.

I have received a lot of questions during this prep about what are you doing to get lean, your diet and your training and all those things.

If you've been watching the videos you know that about six weeks into my prep I switched over to a ‘macros’ style of dieting and before that I was on a meal plan.

I have been really lucky and I've seen amazing results with my new plan, with my new coach and that's worked very well for me.

I've done preps in the past and I’ve used all kinds of different supplements during those preps and I feel like this one I finally got it right.

I'm really confident in the products I'm using. I know as you can see I have a wide range of brands. Basically what I wanted to do for you guys was to just go over what I take daily, what I've taken during this prep and my little supplement secrets behind this bikini prep.

So if you want to know what I have been up to and what I'm putting in my body to get in shape then keep watching.

If you saw my last video I went over a couple of the different supplements that I take as part of my morning routine and that has stayed the same. I'll go a little bit more in depth about why I'm taking what I'm taking and what has changed throughout the prep.

I would start out with the most important thing that I take during the day and that is a Multivitamin. It’s by ‘New You Nutrition’, it’s the one that Brandon had for me and this is really important because I am pretty iron deficient. I have been my whole life, it's not something that seems to change and if you know anything about iron deficiency it makes you pretty tired.

There's a high level of iron in this multivitamin and obviously all kinds of other vitamins that are essential to your health. I would say don't skip out and buy the cheapest vitamin you can find in a store because you will digest it but your body won’t soak up the things that you need. It's worth spending money on pretty good multivitamin for yourself.

The second thing that I take is a fish oil. I take a 1000 milligram one and it has active EPA and DHA, this is a very good fish oil.

I take two of these a day. The brand of this one is from Holland and Barrett and I will make sure I leave a link to all these different supplements down in the description. If you want to check them out yourself some of them are affiliate links I'll let you know down there.

I take two of these a day and fish oil is really important when it comes to heart health as it helps prevent things like your irregular heart rhythm, heart diseases and helps reduce inflammation.

So it’s really really good for your body and if you are tracking your macros, do know that each one of these pills specifically has a gram of fat in them. I have to track this because that's two grams of fat I take in the morning.

The third thing I take is my Vitamin D3, this one is 4000 IU, it's a super strength D3. This one is really important specifically because the entire winter in the UK we had no sun and you could naturally receive this vitamin from UVB rays outside.

Because there was barely any sun I figured this would probably be a valuable supplement to take so I incorporate usually two of these D3 per day.

Now that the sun is actually out in the UK, I have been taking just one. Now that the sun is out every day Nathan and I walk to and from cardio and we have been trying to spend more time outside which has been wonderful, especially if you live in the UK, you know what I'm talking about.

We were saying that if the last three months here have taught us anything is that we never want to live somewhere cold again. We are sunshine people, I don't know how I lasted in Boston through three winters. I think like Arizona is the next move I need somewhere warm year-round.

To conclude, I take the three vitamins mentioned right after waking up.

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