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The Best Bikini Competition Prep Supplements

May 17, 2017

Registered Dietitian and WNBF Bikini Pro Kara Corey runs through the 6 bikini competition prep supplements she takes consistently throughout her prep to help with strength, weight loss and recovery.

Hi, this is Kara. I wanted to do a video talking about the supplements I choose to take during my bikini competition prep.

A lot of people ask me what they should take whether they're in prep or you're just on your weight-loss journey. In this video I will go through what I've been taking and why.

I've been pretty consistent this prep and I like to keep it simple. I don't take everything, I definitely have a full cover of supplements but I don't take everything. I try to keep this simple with what I feel is absolutely necessary and what I'm actually getting results from or that I find actually helped me.

To get started the number one thing I've been taking consistently is the ‘RD Nutrition FitBurn’. Obviously this is my product so maybe you’ll consider me biased on this. I really do love this product.

I started taking this prior to bikini preps. To be honest with you, I've been taking it for a little while but continued it during my bikini prep. It's advertised as a fat burner but in all reality, you're not going to burn fat just from a supplement. Your diet, your workouts etc, all that has to be on point as well.

I wanted to keep this in during my bikini prep process because this gives me great energy as opposed to taking pre workouts.

There are other fat burners I've taken in the past and I've tried a lot of different things which I found were too overly stimulating for me. You then get a major crash from them as well.

Some of the products can give you a crash whereas Fit Burn doesn't do that to me. The caffeine combination that's in there gives you a nice flow of energy. I find that it helps me cut back on cravings and when I'm eating throughout the day.

I have heard that from a lot of other people as well. For me it's very helpful, it's probably the number one product I would recommend to you guys. It’s the number one supplement I would suggest taking if you're in need of trying something in addition to your diet and your workout.

I take this once a day. You can increase the dosage while you're taking it but just the one pill for me in the morning is all I take and I'm good to go. I've kept that consistent during bikini prep.

As you may know I do fasted workouts, right now I'm doing fasted cardio and I'm also doing fasted training as well.

So the other things that I take typically in the morning are ‘Branched-chain Amino Acids’, I use Machine Fuel by MTS Nutrition. I'm showing you guys the strawberry-kiwi one because that is my absolute favorite flavor. Although I like them all but the Strawberry Kiwi is just way up there. It tastes so good.

I always bring a 25 ounce container shaker cup and one scoop of Machine Fuel is all I take. I like to drink that while I'm lifting because when you're cutting or in prep your calories are limited and your training fasted.

Getting in those branched chain amino acids can help with supplying those tissues with the additional protein. It can help with recovery as well.

There's also some research on immunity levels in relation to making branched chain amino acids. It is critical for me while in prep or while cutting because your energy levels get low and you tend to run yourself into the ground and get sick really easily. So anything to help with immunity levels is also beneficial.

I take that once in the morning when I'm training and then at night time it's kind of like a treat for me.

I do like to take one scoop at night sometimes during my night time cardio. Even if I'm just at home at night and I’m done for the day, I'll have a scoop of that at night to drink and sip on to fill up my stomach. It definitely helps me out.

Next thing that I typically take in the morning and I just started this, is the ‘MTS Nutrition Barracuda’.

With Barracuda I started taking it at 4 to 5 weeks out and that was perfect timing for me because this is a product that you do have to cycle. I didn’t mention that with FitBurn, you do not need to cycle but with this Barracuda you do.

It's a natural testosterone booster. Number one thing I get asked with that, “i’m competing in a natural bodybuilding competition can I have that”. Yes, I am a natural bikini pro in the WNBF, anything I take is natural.

All supplements from MTS Nutrition use natural ingredients.There's no performance-enhancing drugs of any sort in these products.

You need to always check, that's a huge thing for anyone in the bodybuilding world. You need to check what ingredients are in your supplements because if you're competing in natural bodybuilding, there are different lists of banned substances.

You need to be familiar with the organization and what's banned and you need to go with a good supplement company that is not going to put those types of things in them. So go with Barracuda.

Yes I am a female and I'm taking a natural testosterone booster as females we have lower testosterone levels than males. I do find that with taking this it helps me lean out a bit quicker in those last four weeks.

This is something I've done pretty consistently with all my bikini preps is throw this into the rotation four weeks out and it's one scoop in the morning and it's in blue raspberry flavor.

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