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Steve Payne is a competition Prep Coach, NPC/IFBB Expediter, head trainer at House of Payne Personal Training, a 10,000 sq. ft. personal training studio, complete with full gym and full competition style stage. Steve competed in numerous bodybuilding competitions from 1991-2009. He holds both undergraduate and graduate degrees in business from Georgia State University. Steve is an NPC/IFBB Expeditor at both local and national level bodybuilding shows as well as being one of the top posing coaches in the country. His clients range from beginners to IFBB Pros and he prides himself with helping them become both physically and mentally prepared so that each client presents the best possible package on stage while keeping their health in the forefront of the end goal. Steve is also one of the Master Presenters for the International Association of Fitness Sciences Personal Training Certification Program.When asked what sets House of Payne Personal Training apart from the competition, Steve responded, “I believe House of Payne Personal Training can provide a service not being met. Facilities are everywhere; a good trainer providing a good service is what sets us apart. Listening to our clients’ objectives and then helping them achieve their goals – taking them through the process every step of the way to insure that if they are committed and consistent, we will get them to their goal. That’s what we have to offer and that’s what we’ll provide to each and every client. Steve’s winnings include the following: June 2009: Atlanta, GA, Visual Art Male Physique Competition, 1st Place Lightweight Division Sept. 2008: Atlanta, GA, 10th Annual NGA Pro and Amateur Bodybuilding and Figure World Cup, 2nd Place (both) March 2008: Atlanta, GA, NGA Bodybuilding and Figure Championship, Open Lightweight and Masters Divisions, 2nd Place (both) 1995: Mobile, AL, Southern Naturals Body Building Championships, Open Lightweight Division, 2nd Place 1991: Atlanta, GA, Gold’s Classic Body Building Championship, Junior Division, 2nd Place 1991: Atlanta, GA, The Atlanta Body Building Championship, Novice Division, 2nd Place
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I attended a posing session with Steve Payne and It was Amazing. Very professional and Informative. Thank you for all your help.
Maddy Asesor
Steve & Rachel Payne are experts in show preparation and posing. If you are preparing for a competition, they can help you every step of the way.
Mike Discher
My Second Greatest Accomplishment has changed my life forever! After six months of training I lost 25 pounds, six inches off of my waist and 5 inches off of my hips. I am now a size 4 and have more energy than I have had in years. It’s hard to remember the last time I felt this good.
Renada Sparks
I needed directions launching my Bodybuilding career and posing assistance, badly. This guy wow me with his genius. I began doing shows with immediate success which continues to today. I love Steve Payne. Also, "Orlando" & wife, thank you for your inspiration.
Rowan Peoples
Losing weight was only the first step in this journey. With a starting weight of 199lbs I would have never in a million years thought I would find myself on stage just 2 years later at 129lbs.
Stacey Killian

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