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Mindy's general fitness guidance and bodybuilding competitor/contest prep programs are based off scientific principle and safe metabolic practices. In all circumstances she believes in feeding a body to optimal, using consistent strength training to build muscle, and finding a good balance with adequate cardio for whole-body wellness. Eating AND rest are part of her plans! Mindy’s coaching style is very interactive and educational. She believes in getting to know her clients, learning their systems, and helping them reach that next level with their fitness and nutrition. Mindy uses her education, her years of successful systems from her own progress, and her knowledge of the industry to guide others step by step through the process to set up new daily habits in order to reach their goals. Ultimately she wants each client to learn their own bodies and teach them to make themselves a priority, as it is imperative they each “become a student of you!” Focusing solely on women of all ages, competitors and fitness clients are all given individualized attention and customized plans to help them on their path to their own goals. As a team they work on changing habits such as sugar intake, hydration, daily food awareness, activity goals, and life skills for balancing wellness in a scheduled and demanding life. She believes in teaching new systems that slowly develop into an evolved, ongoing lifestyle and never eludes to anything with a fast fix or quick transformation. In fact, she encourages her clients NOT to expect fast results and teaches them to lay a solid foundation first and work slowly over time to set up new ways, which eventually produces new results. Credentials and Memberships: * Bachelor’s of Science, Physical Education, Indiana University 1998 * Accolades: Class of 1998 “PE Student of the Year”, professor and peer nominated * National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), March 2015 * National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Youth Exercise Specialist (YES), May 2015 * Member of the National Physique Committee (NPC), 2013-2019 Competing Career Highlights: * NPC October 2016 “Kentucky Muscle” Bikini 40+ Overall Champion * NPC “Indiana State” Masters Champion, August 2017 * “Top 5” in the 2017 NPC Masters Nationals Bikini 40+ division, 4th place * “Top 5” in the 2018 NPC Masters Nationals Bikini 35+ and 40+ divisions, 2x 5th place * “Top 3” in the 2018 NPC North Americans Bikini 40+ division, 3rd place * 2013 to 2019 career to date: 22 shows in 5 states, in a total of 43 total classes!
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I’m not sure if I will compete in June or try to continue to re-shape my body and maybe reconsider the next season. I’m happy to be content with meeting personal goals and competing against myself to change up my physique and feel good. Your program, advice, encouragement, accountability, and example have been just what I needed!
Leigh F.
Mindy started coaching me on posing so I could feel comfortable on stage and how to bring to life all that I was watching online about posing. She also then became my Coach and tweaked my workouts and nutrition to focus on MY body and MY goals. She has pushed me and supported me, and even talked me off the ledge a couple of times! I have learned so much about my body and how to respond and adjust with food, movement, sleep, and self-care. After all that, I just competed in my first NPC Bikini show at the age of 51. I definitely would not be here without her!
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I am super excited about the shape of my legs!! In all of the years I trained, they’ve never looked this good. It’s AWESOME!!!
Andrea B.
I’m seeing slow progress and I can understand why it takes years to really transform into a better physique. Thank you! I am truly blessed to have found you! I can’t thank you enough! Your program is the BEST
Raida A.
As a personal trainer, gym owner, and marathon runner, I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and take a stab at a bodybuilding competition. I love a good fitness challenge, so I hired Mindy to teach me the “ins and outs” of bikini posing and to hold me accountable with my nutrition choices. Mindy takes a holistic approach to the sport, and not once did my body ever feel depleted. I actually felt MORE nourished by some of the dietary changes I made. I ended up placing well in my first competition, so the competitor in me quickly signed up for another one, where I took first place! I couldn’t have done it without Mindy’s guidance, and I’m so thankful to call her “Coach” and friend!
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