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Mendy Lynn is a bikini competition coach, certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, and weight loss expert. As a former bodybuilder herself, however, her personal experience of intense training and dieting as a busy working professional, wife, and mother benefits all her clients. She relates to what it takes to be successful when life is not an easy road. She isn't telling someone to do something she read in a book and but has never done herself. This is a huge benefit to all her clients and contributes to their successes. Mendy Lynn competed in 12 bodybuilding shows in different organizations. She chose to compete exclusively with the NANBF because it is a drug tested federation. It takes discipline, effort, and mental toughness to compete as a natural competitor. Natural athletes do not use drugs to enhance their physiques. They eat clean, train hard, and wait patiently as their body prepares to step on stage. This process is respected by all body builders who choose the natural way. In August of 2012 at a NANBF bodybuilding competition, Mendy Lynn competed as an amateur bikini competitor. At this show she earned the right to compete as a professional bikini athlete. She returned in August of 2013 to defend her title. The International Federation of Physique Athletes judges awarded her first place. This qualified her for the signature bodybuilding show of the year, The Yorton Cup. Arriving in Amherst, Massachusetts, October 2013, and qualifying to compete there with so many wonderful and professional athletes from around the United States and the world, she had been to the top and competed with the best natural athletes in North America. She now coaches others to do the same. Her coaching includes weight training, competition diet, posing, hair, make-up, tanning tips and more. It’s the full stage package. She has coached and trained figure, bikini, and male physique competitors. They take home trophies and best poser awards. She loves training competitors to peek their physiques and achieve their stage dream. Currently Coach Mendy Lynn is helping people eat real food in a real world and reach their goals. She is a firm believer that how you think is everything! Mind training is as important as physical training. This is the missing link for dieters. Changing minds and bodies for long term success is her passion.
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I recently took a trip with my husband, 6 year old and 2 month old. In the Denver airport, our flight was delayed 4 hours, so expected departure time was 11:45pm. With two exhausted kids, the airline handed over food vouchers (though only McDonald’s was serving when we went for food). Luckily, with Mendy’s guidance and planning, I had prepped food to have with me in this kind of scenario. I kept to my plan and survived this “event”. On a normal, stressful travel day, I normally would have just gone for some fries or nuggets. Now, I have a plan and don’t feel tempted to fall into these traps.
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I'm on the chocolate diet and I love it! Down 12 lbs-thanks Mendy!!!!
Amy Cox Kiedrowski
We went away for the thanksgiving weekend and because of the things I have learned I was able to eat out every meal every day and still lose weight. Thank you Mendy for the knowledge.
Sue Martel
Thank you thank you!! All my evening dresses look amazing on me. Better then when I bought them. I always dreaded formal parties, weddings, anything I needed a cocktail dress for. And now I’m looking forward to our Christmas Party dinner dance. And I want a new dress. A red one! I had to buy new jeans last week, all ten pairs in my closet where to big. Size 10!! And... the clothes I kept from ten years ago when I was my skinniest, are to big now. So happy to have found you!!
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I'm 60 years old and when I hit 160 I decided I could never get my weight lower then 150 again. I had resigned to this. I'm so happy I met Mendy Lynn. I got under 150...I weighed 140.2 last Monday, and over the Thanksgiving weekend (4 day family reunion) this morning I weight 137.8! I continued to loose weight over the holiday. Mendy Lynn gave me some great recipes for Thanksgiving meal that saved me and satisfied me. I am loving the New Me! and still losing!
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