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Team Gorman is made up of the two owners- John Gorman and Leslie Franklin- and the clients we have the honor of working with each year such as bodybuilders, bikini and figure/physique competitors, MMA athletes, powerlifters, or folks who just want to get into shape and feel better and look their best. Team Gorman isn’t about just us, it’s about our TEAM of clients. We offer flexible dieting protocols that coincide with low cardio and the highest calories possible that we can get someone to their best shape ever with. No more eating chicken and veggies over and over, if someone wants to diet on pancakes and eggs, it’s fine. If they want to eat a homemade burger and fries on a white bun, it’s fine- if it all fits into your macros for that meal. We diet a lot of people letting them pick their food choices and it’s been shown over the years that it will NOT get in the way of fat loss. And, no more doing 2 hours or more of cardio a day 7 days a week, a majority of our clients not even doing steady state cardio but instead a few HIIT sessions a week. They hold onto muscle better this way, with a majority hitting new PR’s in the gym all the way into the final weeks of prep. We are very proud of our clients and their accomplishments and are honored to have a small role in their success. In 2012 we watched Team Gorman competitors get 22 class wins, 23 second place finishes, 11 overall titles, 3 TEAM awards, 3 procards and a TON of top five finishes. In 2013 Team Gorman competitors walked away with 71 wins- 16 overalls, 6 team awards, 5 pro cards, and a World Championship Title! 2014 proved to be even bigger with 81 wins total and 8 TEAM awards!!! 2015 proved to be a banner year as well and we are excited for each and every year to be better and better! Since 2010 Team Gorman clients have won over 250 times to include numerous pro title wins, pro cards, overalls, class wins, and 3 World Championships in the IFPA, WNBF, and DFAC. John Gorman started out as a personal trainer in April of 2007 with his own business John Gorman Personal Training and operated out of Anytime Fitness locations in the Springfield, Nixa and Republic Missouri area where he also opened and managed the Anytime Fitness gyms. He cut his teeth in the trenches not only training people one on one, but also researching nutrition and trying different protocols on people and developing his nutrition style along the way. He also has competed in bodybuilding contests, winning his class at the 2009 Missouri State Championships. He has a B.S. Degree in Sports Management with an emphasis in Fitness and Wellness, and a M.A. Degree in Management and Leadership and also is a college instructor at Bryan University. He has been a full time nutritionist and prep coach since 2010 and has written many articles currently writing for magazines such as Natural Magazine International and Natural Gainz, websites such as Fit Over Fat and Machine Muscle, given dozens of seminars and been involved heavily in the bodybuilding community nationwide since 2007.
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What can be said that has not already been said by the hundreds of others who have reviewed this page? John and Leslie are amazing, simple as that! Not only are they some of the most knowledgeable coaches around... they are also extremely caring, giving, and some of the most down to earth people that you will ever meet! They always go above and beyond! I have learned A LOT from Team Gorman over the years and John has been instrumental in the growth of my own online coaching business. Back in 2015, John also helped me earn my natural pro card in the IPE. There is just TOO much to say! Thank you Team Gorman for everything!
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Simply the best! With years and years of experience John Gorman and Leslie Franklin have guided many, many people through their fitness journey. From weight loss to body building these two amazing coaches will deliver every time and give you the absolute best, honest advice. Not only are they the best in the industry, but they are also amazing people. So proud and honored to call you my friends. Thank you so much for all the knowledge!!
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I started following via social media about a year ago and I love the way they present their knowledge! It's a simple format with relatable examples so the reader can apply the ideas to their own life. This is SO important. I can't tell you how many people (athletes, coaches, celebrities, etc.) I follow that are trying to convey principles like John does and they don't have that "hit home" delivery. As soon as I realized John had written books I immediately picked one up. His book, The Flexible Fat Loss Solution, has made so many things relative to fitness come full circle for me - If you're an athlete or you want to be, there is no one better to learn from in my opinion. I can't even imagine the success/growth someone would gain from working with him one on one as my review has been purely based off social media posts and a book
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I met John and Leslie in 2012. They were very helpful to me and anyone else competing. I was with another coach at that time and very happy. Actually, it was a friendly rivalry between our teams! He treated me like a friend and then when I did have the opportunity to work with John, I felt like family. If a person treats you well and you're not even a client, that's huge I'm my book. To me, that speaks a lot about his character. Not only does he care, but he gets results! You will nut be sorry... John, I'll always be in debt to you and think of you as my Homie....
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