Jennifer Ronzitti | IFBB Bikini Pro

Jennifer was born in Maryland, USA (not Saudi Arabia) in 1982. After hiring a personal trainer at age 30, Jennifer instantly fell in love with fitness and soon made it her ambition to reach the bodybuilding stage. By 2014 she had earned her pro card at the NPC Nationals, with a first place finish. She has since gone on to become a 6 x IFBB Bikini Pro champion.

🐸☕️Until about 2 years ago, I was a caffeine addict. Triple espressos, preworkout, fat burners, energy name it! That was a typical daily consumption for little me! • 🧠Regardless of my caffeine intake, I was always exhausted, able to fall asleep in the middle of the day. I couldn’t concentrate and had severe brain fog. I just kept taking more and more caffeine hoping it would help. My anxiety was at an all-time high! And, I had horrible sleeping patterns which caused my daily life and training to suffer. • 🥴When tasked with logging just how much caffeine I was consuming daily, I stopped counting at upwards of 1,200MG...that is equivalent to a DOZEN 8oz cups of coffee! I may as well carried around a pot of coffee with a straw! • 😱I was consuming, at a minimum, 3X the daily limit for someone my size. My adrenals were severely taxed, and it was the driving force for all the symptoms above. • 👉🏻When I limited my consumption to 400MG daily, I noticed a world of difference. I no longer needed naps, my unexplained anxiety disappeared, I was energetic and could focus on any task without needing constant breaks. It was life-changing! • ❓Have you ever tallied up your caffeine consumption? Do you rely on caffeine to get you to “survive” the day? Be sure that you’re staying within the recommenced limit for your size! More isn’t always better, especially when it comes to stimulants! • 🛑If you’re consuming well over the recommended limit, I challenge you to take a step back and give your adrenals a break! Yes, it may be tough, for the first few weeks, but I assure you, it gets better! • 💡To limit my intake, I allow one 8oz cup of regular coffee a day, anything after that is decaf. I cut out energy drinks completely—they were also causing uncomfortable bloating so I wasn’t sad to see those go. I also opted to use @teamallmax non-stimulant preworkout IMPACT Pump on the days I was getting close to my limit. • 🔋Take care of your mind & your body! I promise you, you won’t miss the caffeine! I have more energy than I know what to do with these days! • #caffeine #caffeineaddict #allmax #TEAMALLMAX #knowyourlimits #naturalenergy #healthy #fit #energized#jenronfit
🤔What made you get into fitness?? • 🙋🏻‍♀️For me—I was rounding the corner to 30 and I was tired of constantly starting over. I wanted to see more curves and have arms that looked strong, not stringy...and quite candidly...I wanted to have abs! • 👉🏻Growing up I swam competitively, cheered in high school, and even tried club lacrosse! But I craved something different. I went from training & running a half marathon, to sprint triathlons. I still wasn’t satisfied...and then I started researching bodybuilding & NPC competitions... • 🙌🏻Bodybuilding...I instantly fell in love with the process! It was empowering to be able to build the curves that I had always wanted but wasn’t born with. It was challenging, competitive and progressive. It also helped me become more structured in my everyday life! • ⏳It’s never too late to start something new! I didn’t start competing until I was 30. I turned Pro at 31. My Pro Debut I was 32, and since then, I’ve consistently hit the @mrolympiallc stage each season! And here I am, at 37 going into my 5th Pro Season!🥳 • 🌈Fitness has changed my can change yours too! • ❓Are you looking to get into fitness? Or maybe competing? I would love to be a part of your journey! To get more details & pricing on my Custom Fitness & Competition Prep Programs, shoot me an email to [email protected] • 💪🏻Let’s make 2020 your fittest year yet!❤️ • #motivation #motivationmonday #startnow #fitness #fit #coach #goals #bodybuilding #jenronfit
☝🏻Don’t get discouraged if you’re not exactly where you want to be in your journey! • 😅I know it’s hard at times to look up to other competitors and not want immediate results. You feel as though your progress is moving at a snails pace while everyone else is lapping you. • 🛑Stop comparing yourself to others & their journeys! • ❗️Don’t forget that behind all the glitz and glam of being a Pro, we have some pretty humbling photos that were taken at our first shows🤣 • So with that said, here’s a nice little throwback of my very first show back in March of 2013. I had prepped for about 8-9 weeks. I learned how to pose the night before and it showed🙆🏻‍♀️. • We all don’t just hit the stage for the very first time, with guns blazing and wow the judges with our posing, physique, etc. It is a learning process! You WILL have moments where you feel like you’re a baby giraffe in heels all awkward. You will wobble & shake on stage. You will have a physique that will need improvements. You will make mistakes. I know I’ve had plenty of them! I’m STILL learning as I go! • 😌What’s important is to learn, absorb, and improve along the way! Sure, placing are cool, but the real growth is finding what works and what doesn’t and measure your progress that way. If you are constantly improving each show, the placing WILL come! • 👉🏻The beauty about competing since 2013 is collecting a wealth of knowledge that I am able to share and pass along to my competition & posing clients that can help them along their own personal journeys! • ❤️Are you looking to compete in the 2020 season? I’m now taking on a limited number of clients for next year! • 📧If you’re interested in more info & pricing, please send me an email to [email protected] • #throwbackthursday #tbt #npcbikini #throwback #ifbbproleague #npcnewsonline #bikinipro #progress #patience #fitness #amateur #prepcoach #posingcoach #enjoyyourjourney #jenronfit
🤔What’s stopping you from investing in yourself? Many would say finances, right? Let’s put that aside for just a second... • Many want to reach a fitness goal, but don’t know where to start...or limiting beliefs stop them from ever taking the leap! Why bother, right? NO! • What if you made a commitment to yourself to make this next decade one to remember. One to be proud of? • I want you to think back to a time where you accomplished a goal. How did it feel when you finally attained that goal? Amazing, right? • Why not give yourself that same feeling...but with FITNESS?! • Why not make your health a priority and invest in making yourself feel better from the inside out?! • I hear the financial excuse all the time. And I completely understand that...I’ve been there. BUT, when I started making fitness a top priority, I looked at my overall expenses and found I was spending a ridiculous amount of $ on things that weren’t going to fulfill me, or had nothing to do with my goals. • When I took that money and allocated into my fitness goals, I felt better about my spending because I was investing in myself & in my goals! I was no longer buying $5 coffee daily, I was doing my own gel mani/pedis, I cut down eating out to once a week, etc. • 🤯Once I tallied up these extra expenses, I was throwing away an average of $500 a MONTH on things that had nothing to do with my overall fitness goals! • That was my AH-HA moment! • Once I started putting that money towards expenses that would help my fitness journey, I started THRIVING! • I had better coaching & resources which helped my fitness goals, and ultimately improve my competitive career! • I challenge you to do the same! If fitness is a priority for you in 2020, be real with yourself and figure out how you can make that happen! • Now is the perfect time to invest in yourself (and save a little $) during my Cyber Monday Sale! All of my custom plans & posing packages are on sale for a limited time! • Head over to or shoot me an email to get more details & pricing! I’d love to help you make 2020 your fittest year yet! • [email protected] #cybermonday #sale #fitness #fit #goals #motivation #jenronfit
😱I’ve never done a full off-season shoot. Ever. There’s something that had always made me uneasy about not being “show-lean” and in front of the camera. Maybe because post competition is the only time I’ve ever scheduled shoots!😬 • ❗️Every other off-season I’ve had was a struggle, physically & mentally. This has been the first off-season where things feel like they’ve fallen into place. My mind is at ease with external stressors gone & nutrition is in a very healthy place. • So when @bfitphoto said let’s shoot...inside I was like...😳🤰🏻🙅🏻‍♀️ But I decided to just go for it...because why not?! • And you know what?! I LOVE how it turned out! I welcome the extra curves and am happy I was able to do something outside the typical fitness shoot! • I know that off-season & reversing after a show can be challenging & scary. Sometimes, even harder than prep! That’s why having a plan in place is so important to growth and maintaining a reasonable weight! I have finally found a healthy balance that has allowed me to stay fit & enjoy nights out, even glasses of 🍷😌 • Are you getting ready to go into an off-season or struggling with how to reverse? Shoot me an email to get more info on my custom coaching! I’d love to help you find a healthy balance between fitness & life! Shoot me an email to [email protected] for more info! • #offseason #improvementseason #photoshoot #confident #balance #fitness #lifestyle #ootd #fit #leatherandlace #glam #jenronfit
🧙🏽‍♀️Fitness is not a magic number. • ❌Fitness is not pass or fail. • The number on the scale is not the end all be all that you should base your progress off of. • We all have done it. We hop on the scale, and get discouraged if that number isn’t reflecting the magic number we’ve set in our minds. • Insert panic, disgust, or even the eff it attitude which starts the self-sabotage spiral... • First, stop hopping onto the scale daily! Weight will fluctuate day to day depending on so many factors! If your weight increases 2 pounds overnight, I can guarantee it’s NOT fat! • A few things to consider if the scale goes up: -Stress: stress can cause water retention & cortisol levels to go up! -Sleep: not enough rest an recovery can also put stress on the body. Ensure you are getting enough quality rest throughout the night! -Did you have enough water the day before? Aim for at least 3/4-1 gallon of water a day. Contrary to what some may think, more water will not bloat you. Increasing your water intake will help you flush out toxins within the body. Toxins that can actually cause toy to retain water! -How much sodium did you have the day before? Was it more than normal? Too much sodium can cause you to retain water. If your meals are higher in sodium than usual, be sure to increase your water intake. -Ladies: is it your time of the month? It’s typical to gain water weight during this time! Don’t worry, once it passes everything will go back to normal! -Did you have an exceptionally hard workout the day before? Your weight can go up the day after a big lift due to inflammation & lactic acid in the muscles. • There are plenty of other factors that can cause weight to spike, I’ve listed common ones that many of my clients encounter. • At the end of the day, know that everyone, even myself, experiences weight increases regardless of how perfect you are on your training & nutrition. • It’s always best to measure your progress in other ways besides weight. A good idea is to take progress pics, as well as pay attention to how your clothes are fitting! • Don’t get so fixated on a number that you let it dictate how you feel about your progress! #fitness #progress #fittips
🏋🏻‍♀️ Feeling happy? Go to the gym. Feeling sad? Go to the gym. Feeling tired? Go to the gym. Feeling energetic? Go to the gym. Feeling whatever you’re feeling....GO TO THE GYM. • 🙇🏻‍♀️Healthy habits aren’t formed overnight. And they’re sure as not formed when you perform the action when you feel like it. Healthy habits are formed day in and day out, regardless! I always equate going to the gym with brushing teeth... • I would never leave the house without brushing my teeth...same goes for my daily gym routine! • 🙆🏻‍♀️Whatever is going on, I know that if I skipped a day just because I was in my feelings, I would end up feeling worse knowing I skipped on a part of my daily self-care routine! • Did I develop this mindset overnight? That would be a HARD NO🤣 It took years of going to the gym and making it a part of my daily routine & lifestyle! • 💁🏻‍♀️Some days I go and have terrrrible workouts, others, amazing! No matter how the workout went, I always walk out feeling better than when I walked in! • Now, I’m not saying go to the gym 7 days a week, no days off! Definitely allow yourself to have rest days so that you can recuperate!💆🏻‍♀️ • Did you workout today?? If so, what did you train? Today I have LEGS on the books😈 • #workout #legday #legs #routine #habit #lifestyle #fitlifestyle #fitness #fit #offseason #improvementseason #ifbbproleague #bikinipro #bodybuilding #abs #flex #gains #jenronfit
😰I’ve struggled in the past with being able to take off the competitor hat. It’s hard to lose the chiseled abs and see the softness come in. Unfortunately, stage lean isn’t realistic or healthy to our bodies or mentality to maintain year round. • Every off-season, it’s a restart trying to find balance between being fit but also learning that there’s room for nights out, vacations, WINE. I’m enjoying LIFE! • No matter how long I’ve been doing this, I still find that initial couple weeks hard. To me, it’s more mental than anything. But, what’s been helping is having an action plan put in place immediately post show. I’m a person that likes plans and structure, so to know I have something set in place after the my last show of the season keeps me from stressing or going too far in an unwanted direction! • It’s so important to know what triggers will help and what will hinder your progress, mentally. Just as a majority of a prep is pushing through mental barriers, so is a reverse and an off-season. • 🙌🏻This has been my most productive off-season yet! My calories are higher than they’ve ever been while maintaining a physique I’m comfortable with. It takes time & patience, but my intake continues to increase! • 😍Current Macros: 130P/260C/60F which equates to 2,100 Calories! In addition, I’m also having 1 cheat meal, weekly🤤 • 👉🏻Are you getting ready to step into an off-season and need a reverse or a plan put in place? Email me to get details on how to get started📥 • [email protected] • Wearing the Sugar Hill Collection from @officialbetterbodies. Use code JENRONFIT at checkout to save 20% off your order! • #offseason #improvementseason #currentshape #offseasonbody #bodybuilding #fitspo #reverse #fit #postshow #liveyourbestlife #happy #fitness #noexcuses #enjoylife #coach #ifbbproleague #probikini #progress #support #jenronfit
✨It’s all in the D E T A I L S✨ • Stage presentation: it’s not just about a body on stage! • When you walk across the stage, not one single detail should be overlooked. You are being judged on your overall package! • -Posing -Tan -Suit (color & fit) -Makeup -Hair -Accessories -Confidence -Walk -Personality -The list goes on... • When you schedule posing sessions with me, I go over every detail that can hurt or help your placing. It’s not just about hitting a pose! • My job as a posing coach is to cover every inch of your presentation. From the moment your feet hit the stage! I want the best for my clients, and that’s why I prepare each and every one of them with tips & tricks that I have personally learned while competing at a high level! • If you want to reach a high level in your competitive career, learning from others who have walked the walk is crucial to improving your presentation! • There’s only a handful of shows left to qualify before the last National show of the year! Are you going to take that chance and “wing it”? • To those that have qualified for Nationals and are prepping to hit the stage in a few weeks...let’s level up your posing presentation so that you stand out amongst hundreds of bikini competitors! • Yes, competing is expensive and many don’t want to invest any more $ into their shows than what they believe is enough. But, think about not investing in yourself, paying all the fees, and then finding out your placing could have been different if your posing was tweaked🙈 Looking back, would you have readily spent the money knowing you’d be on your way to the Pro stage?? I bet your answer is YES! • I spent hundreds on posing sessions before I turned Pro. To me, there wasn’t a question wether or not that money spent was worth it because it was 100% worth it. When I won my Pro Card, I was in a class of almost 50 beautiful women! I was beyond thankful I had the best guidance walking into that stage! Every part of my presentation showed it too! • Don’t wait until the last minute ladies! Book your posing sessions for best times & availability! Email me at [email protected] to get started! #posing #presentation #posingcoach #stagepresence #tbt
Hiiii👋🏻 • Just wanted to take a few minutes and talk a little about how I came into competing for those of you that are new or don’t know the story! • I’m 37 years old, and got into fitness as I was dreading turning 30. I wanted to look better in my 30s than in my 20s and was motivated by pics of fit chicks on Pinterest with Abs & sculpted shoulders! I also noticed my metabolism wasn’t what it was before...suddenly, the beer, fried food, & caramel macchiatos with extra whip & caramel were starting to show up in all those dreaded problem areas. To be honest, I rarely went to the gym, & I only consistently worked out the week before an event & thought that would make all the difference🤪 • I was completely lost starting out. I didn’t know how many number of sets, how much cardio, and the food...boy, was I lost on the nutrition side of things... • So...I hired a trainer. I also did my own research and stumbled upon the world of bodybuilding. I couldn’t stop wondering what it would be like to be on stage, showcasing all the hard work! • My New Years resolution back in 2013 was to get fit & to do a show with the NPC. I had 9 weeks to prep!😳 • I gave it my all and ended with 3rd place. THAT. WAS. IT. That was the moment that changed my life! • From then on, I was determined to stay fit, win a show & ultimately earn my Pro Card! Little did I know that I would not only turn Pro, but win Pro shows and make my Olympia Debut as a rookie Pro amd place TOP 5! I was standing next to some of the women I idolized while following the sport of bodybuilding! Holy crapola!🙆🏻‍♀️ • I didn’t grow up knowing anything about weight training. I’ve made countless mistakes but I’ve also succeeded in more ways than I can imagine! Are you looking to get into fitness or competing and need guidance? I’m currently taking on clients! Learn from me as I build your custom training, cardio & macros! • 👯‍♀️You don’t have to be alone or feel lost in your fitness journey! Shoot me an email to get more information on how to get started! • [email protected] • #transformation #transformationtuesday #fitness #fit #fitcoach #bodybuilding #healthy #ifbbprobikini #ifbbproleague #jenronfit
🤓Remember a few days ago when I mentioned rebound vacation anxiety? • Let’s recap the details: ~ I weighed 118 before leaving for vacation...this was a pound under my stage weight! (Pic on left) ~ While on vacation I did not track a single thing! ~ I kept majority of my meals on the cleaner side. Opting for foods that mimicked what I normally had while at home. ~ I had one meal a day where I allowed myself to enjoy and yes, I even had dessert...every. single. night! ~ I also had alcohol! Daily? No, but when I felt like having a cocktail, I say YES!🙋🏻‍♀️ • 👉🏻NOW, this is why I told you all to nix the scale immediately when you get home! I didn’t listen to my own advice to be able to prove a point... • I weighed in at 127.6 when I got home! ~ Immediately I knew about 4 pounds of that was water retention, inflammation, etc. ~ Weighed myself the next day: 124.7 ~ Regardless of weight, I went right back to my usual macros which included 200g of carbs! ~ Kept my cardio around 20/25 mins and weight training about 45 mins, but made sure to push harder ~ Weight steadily dropped ~1 pound each morning! ~ 4 Full days of consistently being back on my routine, I weighed in this morning at 121.2!!! (Pic on right) ~ Total weight gain: 2.2 LBS and there’s barely any difference btwn the two pics! ~ Carbs & Fats are now getting INCREASED! • Stage weight year round isn’t realistic or healthy. To make considerable improvements to a physique, calories must go up. With that you will gain a little bit of body fat. That. Is. Normal. Since I’ve been back, my strength is up and every lift has steadily increased in weight! • If you allow yourself some fun, but keep your diet & training consistent, you won’t just all of a sudden look like a Butterball turkey bulking for Thanksgiving sacrifice! The weight you put on will be healthy, not sloppy! • Fitness is a LIFESTYLE, not just a 12 week prep! Bodies are truly built in the off-season! • #transformationtuesday #transformation #balance #healthy #postvacation #fit #fitness #lifestyle #beforeandafter #bodybuilding #offseason #improvementseason #fitcoach #reverse #flexibledieting #macros #bikinipro #ifbbproleague #jenronfit
🌀You know that thing that scares you? DO. IT. ANYWAY. • 🙆🏻‍♀️Want to know what terrified me? • 😰Leaving the comfort of 10+ years in medical device sales and taking a chance on myself to build my own brand & ultimately earn a living in my true passion, fitness. • It took me a good 3 months before I actually took action and pulled the plug on my job. • You want to know what terrified me even more than leaving my job? • 😭Failing. And failing in front of peers, followers, pretty much everyone. That fear was and still affects me to this day. Is that fear reasonable? Hell no!! Most of that fear is self inflicted and is way worse in your own mind than what actually plays out. • 👉🏻If I let my fears control me, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Successfully managing my own business & being my own boss! There’s no better feeling in the world than being self made! • ❓Do I have fears and struggles?! Of course, I’m human! But the more you conquer those “fears”, the easier it gets to continually pull the trigger and keep pushing forward! • 💡Remember, fears don’t pay the bills...but ACTIONS do! The only way to continue to be successful, is to continue to do the things that fear you the most! • 😌Not once in the 5+ years of being an entrepreneur have I ever regretted leaving my 9-5 job! I’ve had more success, more freedom than I ever would have staying somewhere that felt comfortable! • 😈Now go out there and start conquering your fears! Happy Motivation Monday! • Photo by @bfitphoto Makeup by Me🙋🏻‍♀️ • #motivation #motivationmonday #selfmade #fearless #justdoit #justjump #entrepreneur #investinyourself #trustyourself #faith #success #thankful #bebold #ifbbproleague #bikinipro #jenronfit
😰Do you stress about sidelining your progress during vacation?! I know I used to...especially when it came to All. Inclusive. Resorts. • 🥴Before flexible dieting, I was on highly restrictive meal plans. I had no idea what my daily intake was. Anytime I ate foods outside of my “diet” my body would immediately retaliate by bloating and even putting on unwanted fat. • 😭So, instead of enjoying vacation I stressed...a LOT. I would eat all the foods, drink all the sugary drinks, and eat all the desserts. By the time I got home, I’d be up 10 or so pounds that would send me into a mental spiral. Cue copious amounts of cardio & more restrictive eating, followed by more spirals, and more punishment. Sound familiar? • How did I navigate this vacation? With ease & enjoyment! I now understand macros and what my body can & can’t handle! Did I gain weight while on vacation? Yep! About 5 pounds, but I’m not stressed because I was able to enjoy myself and indulge a little. I also know that those 5 pounds aren’t the end of the world because they will come off once I return to my normal foods & activity. I had also started vacation weighing lower than my stage weight, so a little extra gain wasn’t a bad thing! • 👉🏻Here are a few tips to navigate your next vacation... ~Try to stay within your normal meal parameters for the majority of your meals throughout the day, and pick 1 meal daily to reasonably indulge ~If it’s buffet style, take smaller portions of food so you can try a little of everything. Limit yourself to one trip and make sure to grab protein to help keep you satiated ~Share your dessert ~Be careful of mixed drinks/cocktails with empty calories ~Drink plenty of water ~Stay active, choose to walk and use the stairs when you can ~Have fun & don’t stress! • When you get home, don’t freak about the scale...heck...don’t hop on it right away! Wait a few days! First, get right back on track with your normal foods & exercise. Drink plenty of water to help flush out your system. Don’t try to over correct with cardio or cut calories...just push yourself harder during your workouts. Above all else, don’t stress!🤪 • Vacation is a time to enjoy yourself! Moderation is key!
🥴Would you believe me if I told you I feel insanely awkward at photoshoots?! • In my head I’m like: ~Look sexy...but don’t over do it ~Keep abs tight! ~Does this even look good?! ~Where do I put my arms? ~What angles are flattering? ~What pose should I do next? ~Make sure your nipples aren’t popping out! ~Should I look at the camera or away?! ~Keep abs tight darnit!😅 • 🙆🏻‍♀️I could go on...the point is...shoots do not come naturally to me🤣 • 👉🏻This is what I do know to help make a photoshoot successful: ~Communication with your photographer is key! Do not be afraid to direct or tell the photographer what you do and do not want! ~Have an idea in your head of what you want the shoot to look like/feel like and share that with your photographer head of time! ~Get inspiration from other shoots/poses you like ~Practice posing for your shoot in the mirror ~Wear clothes that flatter and aren’t hard to shoot in ~Don’t be afraid to try out something may surprise yourself ~Come prepared with multiple outfits! Sometimes the clothes you think will work may not translate well into the photos ~HAVE FUN!!! • 🥰The more YOU you can feel like during your shoot, the better the photos will turn out! • 📸Beyond thrilled at how my shoot with @bfitphoto turned out! We picked out the perfect landscape for what I was trying to achieve and I think we totally nailed it! Thank you Brian for taking the time to really understand what I wanted for our shoot! I’m in love with how everything turned out!! • #tbt #throwbackthursday #throwback #redrocks #vegas #lasvegas #photoshoot #fitness #ifbbproleague #fit #bikinipro #truth #jenronfit
🎊We did it😭🙌🏻 • 👉🏻My goal going into the @arnoldsports was to bring a more complete package than 2019...from the inside out! I wanted to walk out on stage and not only look my best, but more importantly, FEEL my best. It’s safe to say...I felt ahhhh-freaking-ahhhh-mazing! And to be honored with 6th place...THAT was the cherry on top of such a beautiful weekend💓 • 🙏🏻Thank you to everyone with @arnoldsports & @ifbb_pro_league for organizing this weekend and working super hard to make sure everything ran smoothly! You give us the opportunity to continue to do what we love! • My coach, @the_pro_ducer are one of a kind😂 Thank you for kicking my stubborn butt when I need it and helping me bring my absolute best, each and every show! • 🙌🏻A HUGE hi-five to all of my sponsors who have continued to support me year after year. I am so thankful for the opportunity to represent each and every one of you on stage. You all make my life 1,000Xs easier! @teamallmax @megafitmeals @protan_official @officialbetterbodies @all_that_glitters_gems @buffbikinis • @beautybynancyj you are priceless and I just adore you! You always know how to give me that extra “pop” on stage and make me feel like a 👑! • ❤️Last & certainly not least, my family, @brett_erik, friends and YOU! The support I’ve received is mind-blowing! To say my heart is full is an understatement! This has been the best I have ever felt going into a show & it made such a huge difference in how my prep came together! I finally felt like myself on stage again! I’m truly blessed😭💕 • #asf2020 #arnoldsports #blessed #thankyou #ifbbproleague #imback #thankful #bodybuilding #motivation #jenronfit
🌈For me, this past weekend was magical!✨ • ❤️In my heart, I felt like a true winner. Sure, we all want to snag that top spot, but this weekend meant more to me than just a placing. • 😡This prep was challenging on so many levels! I caught the flu not once, but twice! I lost over a weeks worth of training/cardio just a few weeks out from peak week...and when I started to feel better, I came down with bronchitis🤦🏻‍♀️ Frustrated didn’t even begin to cover how I felt. • 😭On top of getting sick, I just felt like my body wasn’t responding...weight wasn’t budging for weeks on end. • 😰It was hard holding on to a positive mindset when everything felt like an uphill battle... • 👉🏻Regardless of everything going on, I pushed myself harder than I ever had! I made every meal, lift and cardio session count. I refused to just give up and say screw this! I refused to surrender to a mindset that allowed defeat or doubt. I knew deep down, I was going to walk across that stage beating my 2019 physique. Period. • 👊🏻I’m a fighter. I don’t make excuses. I own my shortcomings and work harder to make my weaknesses into strengths. • 🏆This weekend showed me once again, that I can do anything I put my mind to, even when conditions aren’t optimal! • ❗️Not every single prep is going to run smooth and as planned. The most important thing to remember is to never ever give up or lose your drive. Fight even harder for what you want! Do not allow a placing to determine if you’ve won or lost. Instead, look at everything you achieved to get to where you are! The real reward is in your resilience and refusal to give up. Growth is beautiful💓 • 🤩This weekend I was a freaking winner & I’m still on cloud 9! • #asf2020 #arnoldsports #ifbbproleague #bikinipro #winning #positivemindset #grateful #fighter #noexcuses #motivation #motivationmonday #jenronfit
😳2013 (31 yrs old) VS 2019 (37 yrs old)! • 👉🏻When I signed up for my first competition back in 2013, I had no idea it would change the trajectory of my entire LIFE! • 😱Before embracing fitness, I had unhealthy eating habits and rarely worked out. I was in medical sales so I was go go go from 6am-7pm. I barely had time to eat during work hours. I would live off caramel macchiatos & SF Red Bulls to stay alive. Diet? I ate out & drank 2-3 times weekly. • I was in for a wake up call when I started my first prep! I had to learn better time management to fit in my workouts. I prepped all of my food in advance and completely cut out processed sugars/foods and alcohol. • The routine part was the “easy” part. Sticking to the routine & truly living a healthier lifestyle, THAT was the real challenge! • I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs during my 7 year journey...especially in the beginning. But, the longer I practiced keeping it as part of my daily routine, the easier it got. • Fitness isn’t a 12 week prep, it’s an everyday practice. It takes time, patience and grace with yourself to achieve your goals. • These challenging times are difficult for everyone trying to stay fit! What is important is to do what you can do. Not everyone has access to a gym, heck even bands! Just keep moving! Go for walks, do body weight exercises, run up and down stairs...anything! • And takes YEARS to build your physique, so be patient! Don’t worry that you can’t get into a gym for two months, you won’t lose everything you’ve worked so hard for!💕 • #transformation #transformationtuesday #fitness #lifestye #fit #healthy #dedication #bodybuilding #jenronfit
🙈Before I was 30, I HATED wearing shorts! I felt like I never had shape to my legs & glutes, so I wanted to hide them! • 🤪Until a few years ago, I was that girl wearing jeans in the middle of the summer heat & humidity...true story! • What changed?! • 🏋🏻‍♀️I started weight training and built the legs & glutes I’ve always wanted! It gave me the confidence to be able to rock shorts and not think twice! • 🤷🏻‍♀️Bikini Pro or not, we all have our own insecurities that may sound silly to others. We’re all human and we weren’t born with the bodies we rock on stage. • 🕑Bodybuilding takes time, consistency, and a heck of a lot of patience. That’s why it’s important to commit yourself to your goals. Not just for a few weeks or months...make it a point for it to be an ongoing lifestyle! • These past 2 months have been a serious mental & physical challenge. But keeping fitness in the forefront has kept me sane. • 😭I haven’t stepped foot inside a gym since March 19th. My equipment is minimal and I’ve relied on bands, body weight, and a barbell for all of my workouts, yet I’ve been able to make physique improvements! • If you’re skeptical that you can make progress without a gym, I’m here to tell you it’s possible! It will take a little more effort & creativity on your part, but you’re not scared of a little extra effort, are you? If it’s a goal of yours...if it’s that important to will find a way! • But, what if you’re struggling? What if you want to keep pushing but can’t seem to figure out how to stay on track with the workouts & diet? How the hell can you make a gym out of a few bands?! • Throwing in the towel isn’t an option! Then what? Hire someone who can design plans specifically for you & your goals! Sometimes all we need is a little extra push in the form of a coach to help keep us accountable and give us guidance when we feel “stuck”. Like it or not, summer is almost here...regardless of quarantine! • 👉🏻If you’re feeling stuck and giving up isn’t an option for you, send an email to [email protected] I’m accepting clients for May & June onboarding! • #coach #summershred #fitness #confidence #summerready #bodybuilding #noexcuses #jenronfit
🤘🏻Don’t be afraid to afraid of never trying! • 👎🏻Fear sucks. It can cause us to freeze, overthink, maybe even run in the opposite direction... • 🤔Think back to a time where you didn’t let fear stand in your way, said EFF IT, and went full steam ahead. What happened? • Did you surprise yourself? Did you succeed? Or, did you learn a lesson? • 😰One of my biggest “just jump” moments was when I decided to leave my medical sales career and trust myself enough to build my own online coaching business. Talk about FEAR. I had so many reservations, I questioned myself a million times, and had countless sleepless nights. BUT despite every single reason I could come up with to not give it a go, I pressed forward anyways. • Has it been easy? Hellssss no! Has it been rewarding?! HELLS to the YES! I have the freedom I’ve always wanted working for myself that I would have never been able to accomplish working for a corporation. • 😅To this day, I STILL have fears that can cause me to freeze & worry about the “what if’s”. But, I’ve learned that failing isn’t a bad thing. It teaches lessons and what doesn’t work for me. I no longer categorize these as “failures”...I see it more as redirection. • So, just jump. Whatever happens, you’ll at least figure out how NOT to do something. What IS important is to immediately regroup, and then try again taking the lessons you’ve learned and going about it with more know how on how to succeed.💕 • Wearing @officialbetterbodies Performance Halter & High Waist Leggings. Custom upcycled LV Monogram Apple Watch Band by @sparklbands. Code JENRONFIT saves you $ on both at checkout! • #justjump #fearless #entrepreneur #selfmade #thankful #nofear #jenronfit