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As I sit back and reflect on the show I saw yesterday, I can’t help think about my own prep. I started my bodybuilding journey on my own. Coaching myself. Saved $100 a month over the course of 7 months which isn’t ALOT with a budget for competing. I saw a lot of packages brought yesterday that looked phenomenal. Some with no coaching and it all DIY, like I did my first three shows. I also saw a lot of simple suits and over the top suits. . . . Competing is an expensive sport, no lie. When I first started I was in FB support groups. When I disclosed my budget and how I had no coach, I had many women frown down upon me and tell me I need to wait until I had the money to spend. As a single mom, I may not EVER have an extra $2-3k to just throw around. So I went upon all odds and did what I could and rocked all my shows. . . . One of my biggest budget cost savers was my suit. I have two suits now from @khcustoms that are beyond stunning and did NOT break the bank. My first suit was worn for two shows and traveled to my third as a backup. Neither of my suits have suffered any stone loss or extreme tan staining and have help up great. I am a huge supporter of Krista and her company at @khcustoms and I’m lucky to be an ambassador for her. If you’re in the market for a new suit or this is brand new to you and you need help, hit me up. I’d love to help get you started with finding a suit to fit who you are! I also have a savings code with suits and accessories over at @luxebykhcustoms - “ERINM”. Dm me for more info. 👙 #figuresuit #bikinisuit #bikini #npc #ocb #wbff #compete #competitionsuits #figurecompetitor #bikinicompetitor #wellnessnpc #discount #khcustoms #brandambassador
💚💚Mental health please read💚💚 ~ We are a team. We are united. As women we should stand together, we are NOT alone! Please look out for each other and do everything you can to support each other today, and every day. 🙏 ~ Only 25% of people with mental health issues feel that people are caring and sympathetic towards their struggles. ~ It continues to be my dream and passion to create a place that girls can come to remind themselves of just how strong we are. A place where we can reach out to anyone. A place we are reminded that we can push through our toughest days because we all want to see everyone come out the other side! A place we can find comfort in discomfort. And a place where we acknowledge the strength it’s taken to do the amazing things we do on a daily basis. ~ I want to keep this short and sweet, but my main message today is: ~ If you see a chance or an opportunity - tell your bikini sisters the qualities you see in them. Remind them of their strength and push them towards their goals. If they are struggling, have their back! Pick them up and dust them off and remind them of the little things that make them amazing and loved. ~ I’ve heard so many amazing stories about you ladies. And one thing I will say is that we are all more similar than we realise in our heads. We face the same demons and we should overcome them together! We are strong and powerful and just a reminder: you’ve got this! 💪 ~ (I will touch more on this moving forward as I want this message to be heard and for you girls to know we’re always here! #bikinidreamteam 🌷 )
Self image is a tough and honestly over exhausted topic but i think we have a lot to benefit from being vulnerable and sharing when our views stray from the norm. - It's been hard lately - internally feeling like a figure athlete and being held and holding myself to that standard then suddenly looking in the mirror and seeing a bikini competitor. - - It's a process. Most people end up taking 2 steps forward 1 step back at various points during their journeys and that's okay. You lose more by being freaked out and upset about it than by cutting your losses and moving forward with a purpose. - - This has reminded me that its mindset that makes us. 5 years ago I weighed 15 lbs less than I do now and I OWNED MY SHIT. I had a goal and I wore that on my sleeve. I have viewed myself as a figure competitor since before I stepped on stage and that self image was constantly on the forefront of my mind as I worked to bring it to fruition. - - It's easy to forget where we came from sometimes. I tell my clients all the time that it's hard to see your own progress when you look at yourself every day, when you can't see the forest for the trees. - - I'm thankful for this experience. For remembering that success isnt luck, it's the sum of your efforts and STRATEGIES. - - The base is still here and this has done nothing but reignite my fire. Cant wait to get back on that stage bigger and better than ever 💫 • • • • #THEPROS #IFBBFIGUREPRO #NEWIFBBPRO #prophysiques #physiquegoals #ifbbfigure #customsuit #figuresuit #custombikini #posingsuit #posingbikini #competitionbikini #backgoals #nqfigure #figureathlete #figurecompetitor #transformations #posingcoach #bikiniposing #figureposing #allmax #fitgirlsnation #gymreapers #bodybuildingwomen #chickswholift #npcnationals #ifbbbikini #femalebodybuilder #teamallmax #allmax #axiomfitness
Представляем вам нашу новинку для категории «Бодифитнес»❤️🧡💛 Давайте же разберёмся что это за категория и какие требования к купальнику👙🧐. Категория «Бодифитнес» более жесткая и мускулистая💪🏻, чем категория «Фитнес бикини». В «Бодифитнес» предпочтение отдается более рельефным девушкам с правильной осанкой, широкими плечами и узкими бедрами. Это та категория, где симметрия тела особенно начинает играть роль. Поэтому в этот момент очень важно выбрать правильный крой и стиль купальника👙, чтобы подчеркнуть пропорции тела. Какие же требования к купальнику👙 для «бодифитнес»?: 📌верхняя часть может иметь как каплевидные, так и треугольные чашки; 📌нижняя часть, как правило, сидит высоко на бедрах и имеет V-образный вырез спереди, как и в купальниках для «фитнес-бикини»; 📌верх и низ купальника должен быть соединён с перекрещенной спинкой. 📌цвет, материал и структура на усмотрение спортсмена👍🏻 вот здесь и можно разгуляется и пофантазировать 😍. P.S. Мы делаем рисунки любой сложности, если у вас есть интересные идеи - мы воплотим их на вашем купальнике, и вы будете блестать и выделятся на сцене в купальнике, который вы создали сами🤩
Hey girls, Sadly I have to address something today which has come up multiple times since this community was started. ~ I’m NOT HERE to bad mouth anyone. But I feel like I have a responsibility protecting some of you girls either coming into this sport or currently part of it. It’s about making good choices around your coach. It’s not just one coach, but I have had multiple complaints from clients about many different coaches. ~ My advice around this matter is to seek out a coach who makes you feel comfortable and has the time you personally require to reach your goals. The sport is still small and I’m aware there are limited numbers of successful coaches, but NEVER work with some one who crosses your personal boundaries. ~ Remember everyones boundaries are different. Choose to set these from the beginning. Always ask for reviews from trusted sources of reliable friends and remember this is a strictly a business relationship and make that clear. ~ I know we shouldn’t have to, and I’m personally heartbroken that I even have to say this, but please girls keep yourselves safe and any sign of your trust of personal boundaries being crossed, make the coach aware so he can adjust his behaviour and move coaches. ~ I appreciate that coaches will make mistakes but it’s a side of the sport that shouldn’t exist. NONE OF YOU deserve to be treated as an object for simply choosing this sport and remember if you do find a good coach who makes you feel comfortable, honour that by working hard and giving all you got! Remember YOU’re the driving force behind your own success. ~ They give you the advice and you are the one who has to execute. Educate yourselves along the way and help each other to keep safe. Supply each other with the knowledge you have gained through your experiences, the more knowledge out there for competitors, the better. I know it’s a competitive sport but together we are stronger ♥️
💙⚠️Dica 1: vamos ficar em casa combatendo o Covid-19 aproveitando para decidir e adquirir o próximo Bikini! Aqui na Glow continuamos trabalhando no atendimento online e com todos os nossos colaboradores em home-office. Aproveite esse tempo e antecipe-se! . 💙⚠️Dica 2: Pegue-leve! Aproveitamos para aliviar um pouco o clima para relembrarmos coisas boas! Esse Bikini lindo com mix de azul todo com cristais Preciosa e Swarovski que você só encontra na Glow(🇧🇷) feito com exclusividade para os palcos do @arnoldsports em Ohio, a pedido da nossa musa Bikini Pro @halannajully. . 💙⚠️Dica 3: Sigam pessoas que te acrescentem conteúdo! @halannajully Halanna: Ela que tem um desfile impecável, esbanja alegria e simpatia por onde passa e com seu alto astral arrasta seguidores dando super dicas de uma atleta Pro de verdade! . 💙⚠️Super Dica 4: Gostaram? Pois ele está disposição pra vocês! Bojo 42-M e calcinha ExtraSmall (EPP). Chama no zap que é por tempo limitado! Link na BIO! . . Assistiram ao vivo? Quem assistiu pôde comprovar o que esse Bikini é um escândalo! E você tem a chance de tê-lo na sua próxima competição! 💙 Peça toda cravejada de @preciosacomponents e Swarovski furta. Mais um Bikini único, chique e que pode ser usado em qualquer competição! 🏆🤩Halannaaaaa sua linda muito obrigada pela confiança e por estar conosco de corpo e alma, principalmente em uma competição de tamanha importância! Parabéns amore! 💙🏆🥰 . . . #bikinifitness #wellness #bodyfitness #bodybuilder #posingsuit #figuresuit #bikinisuit #npcbikini #npcbikinicompetitor #coach #fitnesscoach #nationals #olympia #glowbikinis #arnoldclassic #wbff #3d #crystal #preciosa
AFFORDABLE HOME GYM - I'm going to be launching an At Home Workout series for the duration of the COVID19 Lockdown, starting with this back workout today (SWIPE)- however I wanted to [briefly] walk you guys through how I made an affordable, easy home gym with limited equipment! • • Excuse my choppy first video - I had to butcher it due to time constraints. However a full outline of my home gym is here: - 5 150lb bearing Fish Eye Hooks, secured into studs in my garage wall at various heights (2 wideset and high, 2 wideset and hip/chest height, and one at the base of the wall for kickbacks, curls, bent over rows etc) - Resistance bands in sets of 2 per weighted resistance (2x 50s, 2x 40s and 2x30s) These can be doubled or tripled up, just be aware of your weight capacity on your hooks! -Various handle attachments - Tricep Extension Rope, Grip Handles, Ankle Straps - 1x 55lb kettle bell - 2x 15lb DBs - Ab Wheel - Ab ball - Adjustable bench (Marketplace HOLLA💁‍♀️) • • I'm blessed enough to have a space where I can do this, but those of you renting could easily modify these workouts by buying/making a door attachment for your bands. • • Let's get moving and make the most of this! 💫 • • • #THEPROS #IFBBFIGUREPRO #NEWIFBBPRO #prophysiques #physiquegoals #ifbbfigure #customsuit #figuresuit #custombikini #posingsuit #posingbikini #competitionbikini #backgoals #nqfigure #figureathlete #figurecompetitor #transformations #posingcoach #bikiniposing #figureposing #allmax #fitgirlsnation #gymreapers #bodybuildingwomen #chickswholift #npcnationals #ifbbbikini #femalebodybuilder #teamallmax #allmax #axiomfitness
Well today should have been the day that I finally stepped on stage for @pca_official First Timers. It’s been a weird day I won’t lie, I’ve found myself thinking things like ‘I wonder if I’d have been on stage by now’, ‘where would my physique be now after another 3 weeks of prep’, ‘I wonder how my peak week would have gone and what I would have had to do’ etc etc, the list of thoughts and questions is endless today! - - But today isn’t a day for dwelling and I’m taking aaaall the positives from the experience. Yes it’s heartbreaking that prep was cut short and my hard work didn’t get to be showcased this time round but I’m a huge believer in ‘everything happens for a reason’ and that it just wasn’t meant to be! Right now I’m in so much better of a position than I was at the start of prep, much leaner, much healthier, my mindset is better and stronger and we can only progress from here and my god am I excited for it!! - - Just want to say a huge thank you to @marquismuscle the most incredible coach who has guided myself and other First Timers in the same boat through this time of uncertainty and weirdness like an absolute dream. Cannot thank him enough for the help and support over the past few weeks as it’s honestly kept me motivated and excited to push on despite the circumstances. Next time we’re gonna be bigger better leaner... just all round improvement and I’m damn ready! - - For now, here’s a reminder of my condition 3 weeks out, thanks to the incredible photographer @ianthraves_photography - got lots more amazing shots on their way to me and I’m so excited to see them! - - P.s - Yes I was looking quite flat and watery but I’ll blame the 11 low carb days in a row before this shoot... thanks Yan 👀 - - Here’s to the next prep 🥳🙌🏼