Bikini Competition Makeup

Ideas for your bikini competition makeup, including before and after pics and inspiration for your stage makeup.

Calling all busy moms! Can I share a secret with you? . Market Research. This morning I got up at 4:30 on a Saturday to make time for myself. I studied the GREAT ONE. Wayne Gretzky. He grew up 10 minutes from my house. . I just don’t want to be fine..or good.. or great. I in fact want to be excellent, and as a CEO, I want my company to be World Class. Higher Standards Produce Higher Results. . How did he become the GREAT ONE? . He skated to where the puck was GOING. . I thought back to the time before kids and I had the luxury of leaving the house when I wanted. I’d drive in the dark cold, eating a banana, workout, then go to the gym. I had no clue what to eat before a workout, and would come home from work and eat pancakes or Mr. Noodles. Sure, I was 123 pounds. Not healthy though. . I thought about when I was depressed, and existing in my life as a single mom. Too busy trying to survive, suffering in silence. . I thought about the time I was a mom of 2 with no extra income. Paid $1400 for a trainer though. Ridiculous meal plan that didn’t include any fruits or carbs. Lifting so heavy of weights I budged a disc and couldn’t lift my baby out of her crib for over a month. Mom guilt for spending money.. and time away. Was that sustainable for me? Nope. Not as a broke mom of 2 with no time. What happens after those 8 week sessions? What happens when I want to eat carbs again? . I thought about childhood obesity. I grew up obese. It’s getting worse. Parents need help and yet..they are busy with no time as it is. . I thought about the Social Media world, and thought about the woman I met who’s sister died in her sleep at 30. Bikini competitor, taking it a little too far. Not eating. Over extending herself. Dehydrating herself. Popping pills. . I thought about the 23 year old who was about to commit suicide. Again. Bikini competitor, who’s mental health was in the tank because she attached her WORTH on a body, and trophy. . I thought about burnt out business owners, working more..pushing harder… achieving LESS. . You wanna change your life?? Get VERY CLEAR about where Your life is GOING if you don’t make a change. If you don’t find a SOLUTION 👇
Эмоции моих девочек после того, как они видят себя в новом сценическом образе - бесценны🙌🏻. Ради этого готова работать без сна 😅 Ведь красивый сценический образ для спортсменок - это залог уверенности и победного настроя, да и, что скрывать, для всех нас, девочек, красивый мейк и укладка - плюс 100500 к уверенности в своей красоте и неотразимости ☺️ Спасибо, крошка @kristina_vertieva 😘😘😘 Очень рада была личному знакомству и с удовольствием буду рада встретиться вновь 😉😘 #stagemakeup @marusiav #hairstyle @muah_trutnevaalina . . Repost @kristina_vertieva with @get_repost ・・・ Я очень довольна была своим образом , просто пушка 🤩🤩🤩 Даже загорелась желанием пройти обучающие курсы по сценическому макияжу 😎 Не всегда на соревнованиях есть возможность найти хорошего визажиста 🧐 да и вообще интересно для себя было бы попробовать , знаю что многие бикини делают Мейк сами , отучусь и буду красить бикиняш😜 #чемпионатРоссии2019#фитнесбикини#макияжбиники#чепионатПермь#makeup#макияжчемпионатмира #макияжбратислава #сценическиймакияжЧМ #сценическиймакияжбратислава . #сценическиймакияж #сценическиймакияжспб #сценическиймакияжчр #ifbb #bikini #bikinifitness #bikinifitnessmakeup#сценическийобраз #макияждлясцены #бикини #визажист #макияж #макияжспб #визажистспб #marusiavmakeup #marusiavstyle#makeupartist #bikinicompetitionmakeup
✨Goals are important✨ ⠀ #ThrowbackThursday ⠀ Setting goals is proven to help you achieve more!😃 ⠀ Because goals help you strategically pick the right actions, help you put in more effort, and keep you motivated over time. ⠀ When I set a goal to compete in bikini competition, my actual goal was to get that six pack. 😎 Also to step on a stage, just to make it official celebration 🎉 ✅ that I’ve done it🙌🏽 ⠀ Having good fitness goals can help you push through feeling too tired to go to the gym or feeling uncomfortable because you aren’t sure what to do. ⠀ Believe me, there were days that I was sooo exhausted but my goal kept me excited to continue training and dieting. ⠀ Yes, the goal in mind might keep you going and pushing through but ☝🏼 always! always !always !!! take a step back and make sure that over time your goals are still the same and don’t take your happiness and health away. 🤓 Remember! It’s ok to switch directions, it’s ok to try a new thing, it’s ok to travel to different places as long as it keeps you happy and healthy! ❤️ It’s not giving up! ⠀ My Fitness goals aren’t what they used to be. ⠀ Now I’m enjoying group classes because I love the social aspect of it as well. I’m more into yoga because it makes me feel that I can express my femininity. I love my balanced eating habits that keep me happy and healthy. I enjoy going out with my friends and not bringing containers of prepped food with me🤣 ⠀ (Please, forgive me everyone who was around me those times 🤣 🤢) ⠀ Yes, maybe now my body is not super lean but I’m enjoying my days much more. I’m not stressing over my calories or skipped workouts. I think I found a balance for myself. At the same time I have the knowledge and understanding of how my body responds to certain food and activities so if I will really really ❗️ want to get the six pack back I know what steps has to be taken. So, now my goal is to FEEL GOOD! 😃🙌🏽👏🏼 ⠀ What are your goals? It doesn’t have to be fitnesses or heath related 😉 share 🙌🏽 I would love to know!
My mental health is worse when I eat shit. . Pizza. Wings. Bags of chips. Binging on junk...sure. YES. I can eat it all. Some days I still do, but my mental health is worse afterwards if I go down the rabbit hole of binging and eating whatever the hell I want. . . It’s no secret that the GUT and BRAIN are connected. It’s no secret that we are in fact in an obesity and MENTAL HEALTH epidemic here. And it’s NO wonder WHY. The two are linked! . Nutrition and movement matters. Mental health wise. It does. . The gut is the largest organ in the human body. It contains billions of organisms. . A healthy balance of microorganisms is essential for BOTH mental and physical health. Unfortunately today, modern life such as high stress, diets high in processed food, quick and easy meals, too many pizza orders, antibiotics, pesticides, have decreased both the amount and richness of healthy gut microbiota, while increasing the level of unhealthy microorganisms. . Obesity is on the rise. 1 in 3 kids are obese, and everyone is depressed it seems with no energy, or motivation to do anything. It’s preventable. . What do modern influencers do for the followers who are obese and unwell? Post about how you should love yourself regardless and eat all the shit you want. Accept yourself. But yet, continue on a scary slope to an early grave. . What do Healthy influencers do? Put their foot down and teach people whats right. They teach the reasons why proper nutrition, self love, respect for your body matters. Not being “perfect”. 👉Healthy. . Why? Because it matters, and you can find the balance. You can still have your cake and eat it too! . Depressed? Anxious. Have you ever thought perhaps it’s how you’re treating your body and what you’re putting into it? How you’re moving it? How you’re speaking to yourself? . Please don’t think for a second you can LOVE yourself by abusing it with food. Please don’t think for a second you can LOVE yourself by depriving it from food groups and desperate attempts to be “skinny”. . Don’t think for a second your health is too far gone. It’s not for when you eat and move like you love yourself, the exterior catches and so does the inside ❤️
سلام اشلی کالتوازر از زمانی که ورزش رو به طور جدی دنبال میکرد طرفدارش بودم کسی که سه بار قهرمان بیکینی پشت سر هم شده تعریف بدنی کامل از دید من . ابتدا از دو میدانی اومد به بدنسازی و الان یکی از مهمترین و موفق ترین افراد این رشته هست خیلی باهاش حرف میزدم خیلی ازش یاد گرفتم یادمه بار ها بهش میگفتم چرا کلیپ های طنز میسازی و همیشه میگفت مگه خندیدن بده مگه بده شاد بودن کسانی که منو دوست دارن ! اون موقع مخالف بودم به عنوان طرفدارش اما الان میفهمم درست میگفت . امیدوارم چشمهایش زود خوب بشه علت این پست اینه که شاید باورتون نشه بدن زنان با چربی کار میکنه و شاید باورتون نشه بدن زنان راحتتر از مردان چربی رو از دست میده خیلی راحتتر از چیزی که فکر میکنید این نکته حتی در کنکور ارشد و دکتری فیزیولوژی ورزشی هست . اما نکته در بدن زنان این هست که ظرافت و نکات به طوری چیده شده که شما برای شناخت و پیشرفت در زنان باید بتونید درک درستی از نوع عملکرد هورمونی و متابولیکی بدن ایشان داشته باشید . نکته در همه بدن ها ایجاد بالانس مثبت برای پیشرفت هست . پس به طور خلاصه بدن زنان زودتر و راحتتر چربی از دست میده و دیرتر عضله به معنای هایپرتروفی به علت شاخص تستوسترون پایین تر می‌سازد . و برای رسیدن به بدن دلخواه فقط کافیه نبض بدن رو بشناسید و بدن رو به سمت بالانس سوق بدید #ashleykaltwasser #fitnesstrainer #success #bikinicompetitionmakeup #facts #fitnessindustry #nutritionfacts