6 Weeks Out Bikini Competition

"Wondering what you should look like or what you should be doing at 6 weeks out from your bikini competition? Get some prep, diet and exercise tips and ideas for your upcoming show. "

"If it were easy, everyone would do it." I have alot going on right now in my life that is making prep feel like a struggle but i keep driving through. Bc im in it to win it now! Ive been staying strong through this prep even through everything im going through and In the end a WIN is going to feel so much better bc I have been going through it and im still here fighting for what i want when i could easily give up or put it on hold. And when I say ive been strong what i mean is i still go to the gym on my bad days. I dont cave in to the stress cravings, and I also dont get pissed off so easily like on my last prep, I'm more mentally strong but i will admit i cant count how many times ive cried from being overwhelmed, not understood, and extremely tired by the end of a late workshift from working both jobs all day AND still getting my cardio and lift in! I have to say I already feel accomplished, for someone who struggled with bienge eating after my first competition, everything im going through at the moment the old me would have tried to fix the feelings with food. I would have eaten everything with how overwhelmed ive been. New me just lets myself cry for a few mins and then go hits the wieghts harder. But anyways im not a crybaby, prep really does throw your hormones off, I'm just really emotional, very forgetful,(aka prep brain) and have very low energy. Im also hungry but im more hungry for that pro card! So I'm going to keep doing my thing and pushing through all of this craziness! The stage is waiting for me! #6weeksout👙 #Bairaesthetics #mondaymotivation #womensphysique #womenscore #womensmuscle #prepbrain #crybaby #strongwomen #struggleisreal #npc #npcbikiniprep #bikinipreplife #bathroomselfie
Hey ✋ Im still here I remeber during my last prep i went through a phase and i feel like im in it again. Not sure what to call it but we can just say i have tunnel vision. Or for some reason it makes me think of hibernating. Not like the hibernating id like to do cudded up in a ball of blankets in the middle of winter but like baggy clothes, sweats, earbuds in, hood up, and head down. I dont fu** with my hair, havent wore makeup in over a month now. I have serious tunnel vision and nothing else matters besides my priorities of paying off my debt by 2020 and getting on stage in 6 weeks! This prep has been so much better in so many ways then my first prep and eventually i plan to share but one is that my last prep i dug myself a hole bc i took days off work from being emotional, stressed, and exhausted. I used a credit card for everything, and i went all out, bikini, food, supps, protien and etc. i didnt care i was going after my goal of getting on stage! This prep i cant take days off, i pay for everything with the money i make plus paying off my debt. I cant buy the high protien snacks i liked during my last prep, no protien bars, i actually have to budget my groceries and stay cheap about it! (huge reason i cant wait to pay my debt off so i can buy more food goodies😆) I'm working way more, and actually holding myself together through it all! Aside from how much better im doing this prep there are still similar things that are still going to happen that make prep not easy! I am exhausted, and still emotional and irritable at times, (thats why i keep my head down and stay to myself). Anyways tunnel vision is officially here and its not that i cant enjoy prep, i dont hate it i still enjoy the journey there but i choose to stay focused amd solitude, so making plans with friends and family just has to be put off for the time being. This is the part in prep i feel alone, and i dont mind it, I just feel bad i cant be there for my friends and family when they are wanting to see me or make plans. I always have more to say but im already writing a book. But i wanted to let out a truth bomb last and that is when i took this picture i had the gym to
#transformationtuesday . . . Well, I wasn’t gonna post this but ended up here now. As i started gym a year ago but I wasn’t that serious, so was kinda on/off from gym and shit diet.😔 . . 6months ago when i finally set a goal (@pca_australia )what i want to do/achieve, i got these results. Results speaks for itself 😇. It took patience, scarifices, determination, consistency, freaking 1:30 hours of cardio everyday, weight training🏋🏻‍♀️ and alots & alots of food. . . . . When I started on this journey, i never thought I’ll be able to make this far because food 🥘 is my weakness but i did it🤘🏻 . . . It’s all natural😀. No slim belts/ no weight loss tablets or skinny teas/ no fake diets / no fake supplements. It’s all food preparation, sweat 😓 and hard core workout. . . Now I can proudly say that “ I’m competing in September under @pca_australia ❤️ and I couldn’t be more prouder on myself for what i have achieved, how far i have come and what a strong person (physically & mentally) i have become in last 6months. These months have changed my whole life💕 . . . . It’s all about MINDSET and STAY FOCUSED for what you want to achieve. Forget about the world and BELIEVE IN YOURSELF 😎. Put yourself first and then comes rest❤️ . . . . . @pca_australia @kyliebrookept @kamaldip_kahma_ #pca #pcanationals #pcaustralia #bikini #strongissexy💪 #6weeksout👙 #galswithmuscles #galswholift #strongwomen #gymshark #gymsharkwomen @gymshark @gymsharkwomen . . . PS- Lesson of the story- “I never stopped smiling 😃😃”. So always keep smiling and keep your head up 💪🏻
Let’s talk FOOD CRAVINGS. 🧁🥞🥯🥓🍕🍔🍟🍩🍪 -Why do we get them? -What causing you to have those cravings? -Best ways to overcome those food cravings? -What foods do you usually crave? -Is it all in your head?! 🤔🤔 • Food cravings are caused by certain regions in your brain that are associated for memory, pleasure and reward. • Hormonal imbalances can also cause food cravings. • Make lower-Calorie choices when possible; don’t let yourself get too hungry; start becoming aware of your food cravings; have knowledge in what carbs are better for you/healthier; take care of yourself! • For myself, especially during my Prep Season I crave sweets like: donuts, cookies, pancakes, cheesecake, ice cream, crepes! Also, I crave anything with cheese like: pizza, Mac and Cheese, fries, burgers, breadsticks, mozzarella sticks. Lol 🙈🤤 • I was thinking about this topic this morning and yes, it is all in your head. Have a strong mindset and be aware of what you are putting in your body. Now, I’m not saying to stop eating yummy food; no no no. I love food people! Like LOVE!! Haha, I just have more knowledge about it all. Finally; I know how my body will react to what I eat. Crazy right! 🤩 Actually pretty damn sweet! Yes, yummy food is bomb. Balance is key. You control what you are or are not eating/drinking/doing. Remember that. Why not live a long, happy, healthy life?! 😘🙌🏼💪🏼 . . . . . . #foodcravings #prep #bodybuilding #6weeksout👙 #prepseason #npc #npcfigure #figurecompetitor #womenwholift #muscles #truthaboutfood #youarestrong #liveyourbestlife #bodypositive #grind #strongwomen #focused
2 WEEKS OUT VS. 6 WEEKS OUT - ABSOLUTELY INSANAE 😱😱😱 - #throwbackthursday to 2 weeks out of @knightofchampions in 2017 Vs. 6 weeks out of @popeyesfallclassic 2018. - I knew going into this show that I would definitely see a better physique. BUTTTTT did not expect to look like this six weeks out😱😱😱 - Almost year off season, continuing to grind in the gym every day and giving my body a break from competing has paid off BIG TIME!🙌🏻 - I can’t believe how different my physique looks!! Especially since I still have six weeks to go, when I put these pictures side-by-side it literally blew my mind🤯🤯🔥🔥 . I cannot wait to see what else my body has in store for me, we are getting so close and this is where all the real magic happens and all the hard work starts to reveal it’s self. - where you really have to dig deep into your mental mindset to keep pushing even when you’re tired, depleted, hungry, grumpy, and all other things that come with prep.🙄 - From here on out it’s just going to get harder, but seeing these pictures have really motivated me to push myself, and see what else I’m capable of accomplishing in my last bit of prep!!💪🏼🔥🔥😁 - . . @thefitlife_247 @getmammoth #6weeksout👙 #popeyesfallclassic2018 #bikiniathlete #bodybuildingcompetition #strongandhealthy #bodytransformation #bodybuilding #thefitlife247 #bikinicompetitor #athlete #fitspo #determination #strongissexy #progressnotperfection #girlscanlifttoo #fitntessjourney #allforthegainz #teamnoexcuses #motivation #strongnotskinny #vancouverfitness #getmammoth #myinteractive
First week of the cut finished (staying @bejuststrong 💪 ) and an important self care Sunday reminder to strive for progress not perfection!! Long post but PLEASE READ!! It's so so easy with social media to be wound up in thinking I really want to have "the perfect life" or "the perfect body". but the problem is this has got some key flaws.... 1.Keep in mind that social media is a false perception of reality. The 'influencers' you follow post the best of themselves - the filtered images that took 50 shots to get the right one - often taken by professional photographers-  not to mention Photoshop and lighting tricks either way. It's a facade. It's often not real life. Often these photos are staged and not a reflection of what's going on in somebody's real life. 2. For the people you see who you think from a fitness point of view have "the perfect physique" - think about all the sacrifices that have to go into this and the time it takes to create a figure like that. It does not come easily or quickly ! It takes a lot of top athletes/ bodybuilders years and years of social sacrifices, intense diet and regular hard training to achieve that kind of look. Don't be concerned with perfect. Focus on progressing and being stronger than you were last week from a physical and mental point of view. Perfect is often fake !! Keep in mind that some of the people who you think have "perfect lives" are incredibly sad and very ill from a mental health point of view. We only have to look at the last few weeks with the really upsetting deaths of Kate Spade. a massively successful designer , and Anthony Bourdain a hugely successful chef to see this. Focus on progress NOT "perfection" 💖.